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The Left Can Only Win by Redefining Morality

The only question that remains is, Will the people agree to this redefinition that can only lead to the ruin of a nation as well as its people?

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The Last Resort

Cast of Characters

Here is a sneak preview of a new series on ABC this year. If the following episodes are as good as this first one I know it will have my recommendation. I may even be tempted to get cable tv reinstalled to watch it if I cannot get it online. You can watch the full first episode at the link below.
The Last Resort

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Your Thoughts Become Your Destiny

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Welcome to a Totalitarian State, Hope You and Yours enjoy the Stay

Grandpa slowly walked up to the lectern in front of the small crowd that had gathered after hearing of the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare. As he spoke you could hear just how disappointed he was in the outcome. Here is what he had to say.

“Well, folks, The Supreme Court has just torn up the whole Constitution. With this ruling on Obamacare the door has been opened to allow the federal government to do whatever it wants without limitation. The federal government now has the power and authority to demand of its citizens whatever the governments says is best. The people no longer possess the right to think for themselves as to what is right for him. We now have a government of absolute authority and power over the people.

The Bill of Rights no longer has any meaning. As far as i’m concerned this ruling was the last nail in the coffin of the great nation that was intended at the beginning. It is only a matter of time before the burial will take place and then what? Where does a man go who loves his liberty? Where in this world can a man go who seeks to live under a government limited in its powers as our government once was?

We are a nation under a totalitarian State. It may be passive at the moment but totalitarian it still be. And it will remain passively totalitarian for as long as the people see it as being a benevolent government. This is what a people gets when they view the government as the servant of the people.

There are persons out there that see this ruling as a short term loss but a long term gain for the right. Others see it as being nothing but a tax issue. Both may be right in a political sense but the Supreme Court made it a Constitutional issue by setting a precedence with this ruling, a precedence that the left will hold the right responsible for and hold them to in any further Supreme Court dealings when similar cases come up to be tested. I see no way around this fact of law making.

The only thing any politician has to do now in order to grab more power is to convince the people to pay higher taxes. Given the attitude towards the rich and the poor that no longer is a hard sell. Convince the people that everyone else other than them will be paying the higher tax and you have a winning argument. Too many people are stuck on the idea of getting a free lunch these days from the government.

As far as I am concerned this upcoming election has only one issue to consider now. The only issue of concern for me to consider when the time to vote for is Obamacare and how hard will that person fight to repeal the law. Every other issue can sit on the back burner and that includes the issues of the deficit and the economy.

This election must be so lopsided as to leave no doubt as to why people were elected. This is one law that if not repealed needs to have mass disobedience. The people need to let government know that it is bad law and that we will not give absolute authority and power to it as it seeks. Are we, as a people, strong enough to do that?

As another man said so eloquently, “Give me liberty or give me death.” that Constitution was clearly written for everyone to understand. That Constitution was written with a specific purpose and intent. And I congratulate the man who was able to convince people that it was not clearly written so as to mislead the people in its purpose and intent. I believe it now can be said that where government is concerned, power takes priority over principle. That I will never accept.

So, where can a man go who seeks only the freedom of living his life as he has chosen? Where can a man go where he can enjoy the benefits of his own decisions and is willing to accept the consequences of them also? Where can I go and take my grandson so that he may grow up and know the freedom of his choices.? How can the boy fulfill his full potential without that freedom just taken away from him?”

With these words spoken, grandpa slowly and with sadness showing in his face walked back to his seat by grandma. It was as if the future had been stolen from him this day and nobody seemed to care.

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Is This Just a Fetus or is it a Baby?

This is a life that is being aborted every day. This is what some would consider as nothing but a bunch of cells. It has only known 12 weeks of life in this world. And for some that is 12 weeeks longer than it should have known life. It is this life that the Supreme court has decided doesn’t deserve to know what life is outside of the uterus. It is this life that must be sacrificed so that a woman may enjoy the fruits of her choice. A life that can be held in the palm of your hand.

Did the hand of nature give it life so that man, by his hand, can act like a God and take that life from it? Is that how man shows how socially just he can be? Is this how man reveals his love of life? Is this how man reveals his faith and hopes? is this how we show how precious “rights” are to us as a nation? What value do we place on the right of life, on the right of liberty, the right of pursuit of happiness when we seek them at someone else’s expense?

The gifts of choice and free will are wonderous gifts to man but like any gift they come with a responsibility. They were meant to be used wisely. Nature did not give us those gifts to take life. They were given so as to enhance the meaning of life.

12 Weeks old

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Silence of Fear, not Silence in Memory of the Brave, is What I Hear This Day

This is the day designated to be the day to spend in silent memory of the brave who died for our freedoms and rights.  But I hear no such silence.  The only silence I hear on this day is the silence of fear.  It is the silence of those who are afraid to voice their contempt of the acts of those who are trying to get others killed.  It is the silence of cowardice not bravery.

And, in my opinion, that is exactly what those cowards who are SWATting those conservative bloggers are hoping for, getting someone killed. And it doesn’t matter to them which party is the victim.  They have revealed their contempt for both, law enforcement as well as conservative bloggers.  They are just hoping that one or the other will not be clear-headed enough to prevent such a tragedy.

So I say to every conservative out there, be prepared. Do not let panic dictate your reactions if this occurs to you. Too much is at stake here, not only for you personally but for this great nation.

Liberals, it is your silence on this issue that they are depending on.  As long as you are silent on this issue these cowards will assume you explicitly condone what they are doing.  As long as you continue to monetarily support them they will feel you are implicitly justifying their acts.  They have already told you this implicitly in their declaration of gratitude for your support.

So liberals or progressives if you prefer the term, this is my challenge, come out from that locked closet of silent fear and declare yourself.  They have already declared themselves loud and clear as being one of you.   There is no doubt in my mind that they hope you remain silent. There is no doubt in my mind that they believe that you hope that they will succeed in their mission of getting someone killed. I do not underestimate the intelligence of these cowards.

The reason I say this is because there is no doubt in my mind that they think you’ll go off half-cocked and spin this as being the fault of conservatives and the values that they possess in regards to the possession of weapons.  We have already seen it in two previous incidences, the Treyvon Martin incident and the Gabrielle Giffords incident.

So liberals, believe my words or don’t believe them. It is up to you.  If you do not believe them then take up my challenge and voice your words of support for these cowards. If there is only a thread of truth in my words come out and condemn these cowards. Silence is not an option except for those who fear the consequences of speaking out. The choice be yours.

They may be “nobodies” as Markos Moulitsas has described them as every coward should be seen but it is your silence that makes them feel like “somebodies” and is their encouragement of what they are doing. I might also add that if they cannot succeed in their mission against conservative that one of you might get thrown under the bus and they will consider it a necessary sacrifice. That is the way cowards think and act.

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Is There a Difference between Islamic Ideology and Nazi Ideology?

Call me an extremist if you want but when those of the Islamic faith deny what is depicted in the following video I cannot help but see no difference. And when I hear their voices of what they seek to impose upon the world I cannot help but see no difference. If there be a difference it is only in the words they use to depict what they seek to impose not in how they seek to impose. It is their attitude in regards to others not of their own kind that is the same. And their goal for the world can only be brought about in the same manner. Forced purification of the world was the goal of one ideology and forced purification of the world is the goal of the other. Neither ideology tolerate the beliefs of others.

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What Does Science Have to Say on the Right/Left Issue?

You hear many accusations from those on the left that the right places religion above science.  Well. Let us review what science has to say about the right.

Here is a study of the Pew Institute that declares that those on the right has a better understanding of the positions of the left than those on the left have of the positions of the right.

Pew Institute Study


Here is a take on the right/left issue found at Slate.

“In his new book The Righteous Mind, psychologist Jonathan Haidt says our moral judgments are informed by six “foundational” values, including justice, loyalty and authority. Haidt’s research shows that conservatives put about equal emphasis on the six values whereas liberals don’t. The result, he explains, is that liberals just don’t get conservatives—and, in a sense, don’t get life more generally: “

It is a very interesting interview with the author and I think it would be worth your time to listen to the whole interview here.
Full Interview

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The Collective Mindset and the Use of Force

Alton Hayes

The barn was raised and after a night of social gathering and dancing come the next morn and the people began to return to their homes in a scattered manner. A man stopped near grandpa, looked at the barn and then said with a hint of pride in his voice,

“Tis a fine barn that was built, one that will remain standing long after the chickens come home to roost, don”t you think?” He then reached down his hand to grandpa.

Grandpa reached up his hand and shook the hand of the man and said,
“ That it be, that it be.”

After the man rode off grandpa looked down at me and said,

“ This be your first barn raising event, boy. This is what collective action can result in when a man finds himself in a situation where the help of the community would be a blessing. But if you have been a watching and listening as I instructed you to do you will be able to tell me what was the difference between this and the collective action that the progressives would say was necessary. In other words, boy, what did you learn in these past few days??”

Grandpa caught me off guard with his question and I had to think a few minutes before I responded with these words,

“I learned that individuals will act voluntarily and in a collective manner when they know that another individual is in need of help. Each and every person who came to this barn raising came because they were invited to help and each of them would still have stayed and helped even if no one else had come. The reason being is that each of them wanted to help. That is the difference between a collectivist and an individualist.

The collectivist thinks that people need to be forced to aid those in need and believe that the government is the moral way to do it. The individualist believes that people will help voluntarily when people are in need and that the use of force, regardless of source, is an immoral means of aid.”

Grandpa just smiled at me as he said,

“Boy, we have two cases in recent weeks that illustrate the destructive mindset of collectivism. The first be the Zimmerman/Martin case and how the public reacted to it in a collective manner. The second case involved how two men beat a third man as a result of this mindset. The excuse given for the beating and that is all that it can be called, an excuse,
After being arrested, Hayes told police he was upset by the Trayvon Martin case and beat the man up because he was white, Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton said, citing court records.

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Coexist with Islam!!!!!!!!!!! Liberals, You Better Think Again. Their Intent is to Dominate

Liberals, they are using your tactics and they are showing that they are better at it than you are. Your political and moral positions are their strengths. You have two ways you can go and you better make up your mind fast because, in time, you won’t have that choice anymore.

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