Welcome to a Totalitarian State, Hope You and Yours enjoy the Stay

Grandpa slowly walked up to the lectern in front of the small crowd that had gathered after hearing of the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare. As he spoke you could hear just how disappointed he was in the outcome. Here is what he had to say.

“Well, folks, The Supreme Court has just torn up the whole Constitution. With this ruling on Obamacare the door has been opened to allow the federal government to do whatever it wants without limitation. The federal government now has the power and authority to demand of its citizens whatever the governments says is best. The people no longer possess the right to think for themselves as to what is right for him. We now have a government of absolute authority and power over the people.

The Bill of Rights no longer has any meaning. As far as i’m concerned this ruling was the last nail in the coffin of the great nation that was intended at the beginning. It is only a matter of time before the burial will take place and then what? Where does a man go who loves his liberty? Where in this world can a man go who seeks to live under a government limited in its powers as our government once was?

We are a nation under a totalitarian State. It may be passive at the moment but totalitarian it still be. And it will remain passively totalitarian for as long as the people see it as being a benevolent government. This is what a people gets when they view the government as the servant of the people.

There are persons out there that see this ruling as a short term loss but a long term gain for the right. Others see it as being nothing but a tax issue. Both may be right in a political sense but the Supreme Court made it a Constitutional issue by setting a precedence with this ruling, a precedence that the left will hold the right responsible for and hold them to in any further Supreme Court dealings when similar cases come up to be tested. I see no way around this fact of law making.

The only thing any politician has to do now in order to grab more power is to convince the people to pay higher taxes. Given the attitude towards the rich and the poor that no longer is a hard sell. Convince the people that everyone else other than them will be paying the higher tax and you have a winning argument. Too many people are stuck on the idea of getting a free lunch these days from the government.

As far as I am concerned this upcoming election has only one issue to consider now. The only issue of concern for me to consider when the time to vote for is Obamacare and how hard will that person fight to repeal the law. Every other issue can sit on the back burner and that includes the issues of the deficit and the economy.

This election must be so lopsided as to leave no doubt as to why people were elected. This is one law that if not repealed needs to have mass disobedience. The people need to let government know that it is bad law and that we will not give absolute authority and power to it as it seeks. Are we, as a people, strong enough to do that?

As another man said so eloquently, “Give me liberty or give me death.” that Constitution was clearly written for everyone to understand. That Constitution was written with a specific purpose and intent. And I congratulate the man who was able to convince people that it was not clearly written so as to mislead the people in its purpose and intent. I believe it now can be said that where government is concerned, power takes priority over principle. That I will never accept.

So, where can a man go who seeks only the freedom of living his life as he has chosen? Where can a man go where he can enjoy the benefits of his own decisions and is willing to accept the consequences of them also? Where can I go and take my grandson so that he may grow up and know the freedom of his choices.? How can the boy fulfill his full potential without that freedom just taken away from him?”

With these words spoken, grandpa slowly and with sadness showing in his face walked back to his seat by grandma. It was as if the future had been stolen from him this day and nobody seemed to care.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to a Totalitarian State, Hope You and Yours enjoy the Stay

  1. I truly hope that this next election cycle will set up the repeal of this most unwieldy piece of legislation that calls a tax not a tax, and begin to take back this nation from the pointy heads who think that they know better.

  2. BB-Idaho

    “Where can a man go where he can enjoy the benefits of his own decisions and is willing to accept the consequences of them also?”
    …that would be Somalia; pure laissez faire anarchy.

  3. The Griper

    he has to laugh, love ya, BB. can always depend upon you for the answer of my most difficult questions.
    will have to say tho, that maybe you and i will live long enough to live under a full fledged socialistic system now. that, i’ll admit, is something that i never thought you and i would see in our life time. now i think it is an actual reality for the first time in my life.

    • In reality we have been socialistic since 1933 (FDR), if not before. Then along came the New Frontier followed by the Great Society. Of course then we had Medicare Part B expansion under everyone’s favorite GWB. Seems the USA has been riding the wave awhile now.

      Just saying.

      What say you?

  4. BB-Idaho

    Well, Griper, government nannyism is older
    than even we..and so is resistance to taxation . The book ‘It Didn’t Happen Here’ by Lipset and Marks enumerates the reasons the US resisted formal socialism
    that swept much of the world’s nations in the 20th century; two
    dominant political parties that believed in capitalism, the belief
    that any can succeed under that system and the relative prosperity of almost all Americans. The danger is if capitalism fails to provide
    any of these, alternate economic systems appear attractive. So,
    in England when there was widespread poverty among the elderly in the 1920s, Churchill pre-empted socialism by initiating social security. We may agree that both current parties do the same thing
    (and probably for the same reasons), giving rise to a creep of
    socialistic policy. Partly because of that, I do not forsee a “full fledged socialistic system” in our lifetime: my main worry is the
    decline of the mfg. sector- the real economic strength that led
    us to lead the world. Otherwise, IMO, the balance and fairness of any economic system is important, if fragile..note China moving towards capitalism, the inevitable yin and yang. As for Somalia, I’m allergic to tse tse flies!

  5. The Griper

    first of all, fre enterprise and socialism are competing economic systems.and they are not compatable with each other as much as some would like to have us believe.

    capitalism is promoted as a failure by the socialist because it cannot promise prosperity to all. and a capitalist will agree with this assessment on it but deny its a failure because of it.

    socialism is promoted as a failure by a capitalist because it makes promises of prosperity to all but cannot keep its promise. a socialist will agree with the promise made but will deny the accusation no matter the history of it.

    any attempt to mix the two is usually the recognition of the promises of each of them. but it fails also in time because it will not recognize fully what happens when they are mixed. a good analogy of this mixture is what happens when you mix acid with a metal?

    well, the same thing occurs when you mix these two economic systems. proof of this is the national debt of any State in the world where the system is in effect. it is only a matter of time for economic collapse just as metal collapse is only a matter of time once acid is introduced.

    the socialistic policies of any State will first eat the profits of the capitalistic policies of the State until the whole system collapses. the EU nations are the best example of this happening at the moment.

    and look at how the people are reacting to it. they do not want to give up their free lunch.

  6. The Griper

    btw, BB, our little blog here has hit a milestone this month, its highest number of visits since its inception, over 800 visits this month.

    and our other one on Blogger is still drawing 15 to 20 visitors a day too in spite of no new posts for a year.

    have to thank ya for sticking with me all of these years together and for the imput you have shared to inspire some of the posts. i see that those have been the most popular ones that have stood the test of time.

  7. BB-Idaho

    Glad to hear you are getting lots of visits. We visitors never tire
    of free advice! 🙂

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