Those Evil, Greedy Oil Companies

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10 thoughts on “Those Evil, Greedy Oil Companies

  1. BB-Idaho

    The oil business is doing fine .

    • Bev

      Griper, where have you been? I’ve worried and continue to look for any sign of you. Please answer. Thank you. Bev

    • BB,
      Where has the old man gone?
      Hoping he is fine. Hoping you are also
      LandShark 5150

  2. The Griper

    ohh i agree, BB they will do fine. it is not how they are doing that bothers me. what bothers me are the accusations that they are evil and greedy and need to be totally controlled by government

  3. BB-Idaho

    ‘Evil and greedy’ is a misnomer, likely arising from the gasoline
    consumer. The overal industry profit margin is quite low in fact. In fairness, the regulatory
    issues more typically arise from the environmental standpoint:
    off-shore/shipping spill incidents and the unknown issues involved in large scale ‘fracking’. Oil & gas operations are huge, involve
    significant investment/costs and liability issues. Like the rupture
    that happened in our area yesterday!

  4. Bev

    I hope that you are well. I came here to see if you have been on and i find that you have not written here since Nov. Unlike you. Please write to me if you would. I worry of you.

  5. Well, well, well, mio amigo
    Just how have you been. Thought about you often and miss our conversations. As I see here, you have been laying low also.
    A mutual friend I recently ( matter of hours ) have reacquainted with asked about you and it got me wondering how you be.
    I hope health has been kind and the days comfortable.

    Brian Griffith on FB
    Aka Sharky 5150

  6. The Griper

    i’m still alive and kickin, Sharky

  7. The Griper

    my face book page, sharky

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