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Welcome to a Totalitarian State, Hope You and Yours enjoy the Stay

Grandpa slowly walked up to the lectern in front of the small crowd that had gathered after hearing of the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare. As he spoke you could hear just how disappointed he was in the outcome. Here is what he had to say.

“Well, folks, The Supreme Court has just torn up the whole Constitution. With this ruling on Obamacare the door has been opened to allow the federal government to do whatever it wants without limitation. The federal government now has the power and authority to demand of its citizens whatever the governments says is best. The people no longer possess the right to think for themselves as to what is right for him. We now have a government of absolute authority and power over the people.

The Bill of Rights no longer has any meaning. As far as i’m concerned this ruling was the last nail in the coffin of the great nation that was intended at the beginning. It is only a matter of time before the burial will take place and then what? Where does a man go who loves his liberty? Where in this world can a man go who seeks to live under a government limited in its powers as our government once was?

We are a nation under a totalitarian State. It may be passive at the moment but totalitarian it still be. And it will remain passively totalitarian for as long as the people see it as being a benevolent government. This is what a people gets when they view the government as the servant of the people.

There are persons out there that see this ruling as a short term loss but a long term gain for the right. Others see it as being nothing but a tax issue. Both may be right in a political sense but the Supreme Court made it a Constitutional issue by setting a precedence with this ruling, a precedence that the left will hold the right responsible for and hold them to in any further Supreme Court dealings when similar cases come up to be tested. I see no way around this fact of law making.

The only thing any politician has to do now in order to grab more power is to convince the people to pay higher taxes. Given the attitude towards the rich and the poor that no longer is a hard sell. Convince the people that everyone else other than them will be paying the higher tax and you have a winning argument. Too many people are stuck on the idea of getting a free lunch these days from the government.

As far as I am concerned this upcoming election has only one issue to consider now. The only issue of concern for me to consider when the time to vote for is Obamacare and how hard will that person fight to repeal the law. Every other issue can sit on the back burner and that includes the issues of the deficit and the economy.

This election must be so lopsided as to leave no doubt as to why people were elected. This is one law that if not repealed needs to have mass disobedience. The people need to let government know that it is bad law and that we will not give absolute authority and power to it as it seeks. Are we, as a people, strong enough to do that?

As another man said so eloquently, “Give me liberty or give me death.” that Constitution was clearly written for everyone to understand. That Constitution was written with a specific purpose and intent. And I congratulate the man who was able to convince people that it was not clearly written so as to mislead the people in its purpose and intent. I believe it now can be said that where government is concerned, power takes priority over principle. That I will never accept.

So, where can a man go who seeks only the freedom of living his life as he has chosen? Where can a man go where he can enjoy the benefits of his own decisions and is willing to accept the consequences of them also? Where can I go and take my grandson so that he may grow up and know the freedom of his choices.? How can the boy fulfill his full potential without that freedom just taken away from him?”

With these words spoken, grandpa slowly and with sadness showing in his face walked back to his seat by grandma. It was as if the future had been stolen from him this day and nobody seemed to care.

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Is This Just a Fetus or is it a Baby?

This is a life that is being aborted every day. This is what some would consider as nothing but a bunch of cells. It has only known 12 weeks of life in this world. And for some that is 12 weeeks longer than it should have known life. It is this life that the Supreme court has decided doesn’t deserve to know what life is outside of the uterus. It is this life that must be sacrificed so that a woman may enjoy the fruits of her choice. A life that can be held in the palm of your hand.

Did the hand of nature give it life so that man, by his hand, can act like a God and take that life from it? Is that how man shows how socially just he can be? Is this how man reveals his love of life? Is this how man reveals his faith and hopes? is this how we show how precious “rights” are to us as a nation? What value do we place on the right of life, on the right of liberty, the right of pursuit of happiness when we seek them at someone else’s expense?

The gifts of choice and free will are wonderous gifts to man but like any gift they come with a responsibility. They were meant to be used wisely. Nature did not give us those gifts to take life. They were given so as to enhance the meaning of life.

12 Weeks old

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Another SWATting Occurred Tonight

Kimberlin’s Peace Order

Another Swatting occurred this day against a conservative blogger. This time the victim was Aaron Walker and his family. Aaron Walker, if you remember, is the man who recently won his Right of free speech back from the courts in a court battle with Brett Kimberlin. For those who wish to learn more about the story follow the link that follows to read about it from the victim himself
Allergic to Bull

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Collectives and the Possession of Rights or Power?

Foolish Thoughts?

I once declared that only individuals can possess rights. A friend once asked me why a collective cannot possess “rights”. To me, the answer is simple if a person understands what it means to possess rights.

To possess a right a person must accept that he now possesses a responsibility. To possess a right a person has to realize he now possesses an obligation. To possess a right a person must realize that he now possesses a duty. It does not mean he can do whatever he wants though there are many who treat a right in such a manner.

He must accept the responsibility of his behaviors in regards to any particular right he claims. In the acceptance he then can claim any benefits that result from expressing that right. He must also be willing to accept any consequences that result from expressing that right either from the nature of life or his fellow man.

He must accept that he has an obligation once he possesses a certain right. That obligation is to never abuse his use of that right. It is not a toy to play with but a tool that man was given in order to pursue the opportunity of his happiness as he sees it.

He must accept that he has a duty once in possession of a right. That duty is to safeguard that right against all who would take it from him. And this be most important for it will ever be attacked by others who feel that rights do not belong to individuals.

If a man accepts that he possesses rights then he must also believe he possesses a free will in order to express those rights. For as we see a man must choose not only how to express those rights but also must choose whether or not they are important enough to possess in the first place.

And a free will is what separates a collective from an individual. A collective cannot possess a free will of its own. The behavior of a collective is a determined behavior. It is determined by the independent behavior of each of the individuals within that collective. It cannot act or think independently from the individuals as necessary for a free will to exist of that collective.

This does not mean that a collective cannot possess a force of life. What a collective does possess that an individual cannot possess is power. Give a collective enough power and it will force itself upon the individuals within that collective. It is up to the individual to possess the strength of will to resist the power of the collective. And that has been the biggest struggle of mankind.

It is only in the possession of a free will that a person can act in a voluntary and consensual manner. So, to convey rights upon a collective is to declare that a collective has the ability to act in a voluntary and consensual manner and it cannot. It can only act as determined by the will of each and every individual within that collective.

And those individuals who declare that collectives have rights are only being submissive to the power of a collective in hopes of being a beneficiary of that power. In declaring that a collective has rights a person is rationalizing the use of the abusive power a collective has over individuals. In declaring that a collective has rights a person is revealing just how weak his will is.

The individual belief of the possession of free will is directly related to belief of the possession of power by the collective. The greater the power of the collective is given the less a person believes in free will. For the individual recognizes that he has no control over his own life. The less power possessed by the collective the greater the belief in fee will. For the individual must accept control of his own life. This and this alone should be the biggest reason we should seek to limit the power of the agency of the largest collective in our lives, the federal government.

These are but a few reasons that a collective should never be seen as possessing rights. I know this leaves a lot of questions unanswered so if anyone has any questions I will be pleased to attempt to give an answer to it. The idea of rights is a very deep subject and one can spend a life time in study of it and never come to a definitive answer as to what it is or how it actually works.

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Everyday Innovations by Ordinary Folks

When we think of innovations the first thing that comes to mind are our great inventors but ordinary folks do a lot of innovating and very few people give them credit. Here are a few examples of innovative ideas that my niece sent to me in an email. Just simple ideas but ones to make our lives much easier. I’ll bet you’ll find at least one a very useful idea.

A clever use of a dust pan to get water into a container that is too big for the sink“.

Placing a rubber band over a paint can to prevent paint from getting everywhere but back in the paint can where it belongs while painting“.

Putting a wooden spoon over a boiling pot of water to prevent boil over“.

How to put shoes in the dryer

Have a good day everyone and nice weekend 🙂

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Obamacare, Just a Thought or Two

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What Do They Call People Who Repeat Things Expecting Different Results?

Right now, Democrats are working to protect historic reforms currently improving the lives of millions of Americans — and we’re fighting to keep building a stronger future for this country.

Supporters are mobilizing on the ground in all 50 states, rolling up their sleeves and getting to work to help support Democrats and the President’s agenda. Together, we’ll protect the progress we’ve made and keep this country moving forward — and that starts with your commitment, right now.
Democrat Site

Tell me … how Occupy Wall Street, and the Democratic Party … differ from the platform proposed here:

“We ask that the government undertake the obligation above all of providing citizens with adequate opportunities for employment and earning a living.

The activities of the individual must not be allowed to clash with the interests of the community, but must take place within its confines and for the good of all. Therefore, we demand:…an end to the power of the financial interests.

We demand profit sharing in big business.

We demand a broad extension of care for the aged.

We demand…the greatest possible consideration of small business in the purchases of the national, state and municipal governments.

In order to make possible to every capable and industrious [citizen] the attainment of higher education and thus the achievement of a post of leadership, the government must provide an all-around enlargement of our entire system of public education…We demand the education at government expense of gifted children of poor parents…

The government must undertake the improvement of public health — by the greatest possible support for all clubs concerned with the physical education of youth.

[We] combat the…materialistic spirit withn and without us, and are convinced that a permanent recovery of our people can only proceed from within on the foundation of The Common Good Before the Individual Good .

(Nazi party platform adopted at Munich, February 24, 1920;Der Nationalsozialismus Dokumente 1933-1945, edited by Walther Hofer, Frankfurt am Main: Fischer Bucherei, 1957, pp. 29-31).”

Nazi Party Platform

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Obama’s Progressive Teacher Call for Obama’s Defeat

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The Liberal Philosophy is Morally Superior To The Philosophy of the Right.

Foolish Thoughts?

A friend who follows Ayn Rand religiously in her Objectivist philosophy has said that an union was just like a business. And when asked how so he replied in this manner;

“In structure they are much like a bushiness in the sense they have a hierarchy and well defined roles for individuals who perform individual tasks. They “manage”, “invest”, pay “salaries”, “lobby congress”, hold “conventions”, maintain a “payroll”, and other activities that are perceived to be in the union’s rational self interest.”

His words gave my mind food to think upon. Now, if you look at that explanation you can assume that an economic system can be set up using a union type of businesses as the model for all business. And given the intent and purpose of unions we can now imagine what an economic system would be and how it would work as opposed to the current model of business.

It can only be said that Socialism, with an union type of business model is a morally superior economic system to Capitalism with the current type of business model. Why? Well, let’s look at the two models. The current type of business model by the nature of its being places profit above the welfare of the people. History records that Unions came into existence only because of greedy owners of business in their desire to accumulate money at the expense of workers forced a necessity for them. So what does that say about the moral fibre of the current model of business?

Safety was one of the reasons unions came into existence. An union model of business by the nature of its being would place the welfare of the worker above profits. Since its primary concern would be the welfare of the worker it would see that the worker had a safe environment to perform his tasks even if it was at the expense of greater profits. Now, you tell me, is the welfare of the worker or the accumulation of money more important? This is proof that a socialistic form of economic is the morally superior economic system.

The current business model seeks to pay as little as possible to its workers even to the point of forcing those workers into debt in order to feed his family just to create greater profits and make the rich richer. History shows this as one of reasons for the necessity of the existence of unions. We see it now days in the form of sweat shops using illegal aliens as labor. This indicates a need for unions in order to protect these hard working people from being exploited for only one thing, profits. We see it in the outsourcing of jobs today to places where businesses can hire worker for slave wages. Is this the model of moral superiority? I don’t think so.

In an union type of business model this could not occur. Each worker would be paid a living wage so that he could feed his family in a nutritious manner even if it meant that the business would be less profitable. Sweat shops could not exist in this type of environment. This is why this business model is the moral superior model. How can anyone doubt this?

The current business model seeks to maximize its profits by selling its product or services at inflated rates to the consumer and it is done without care as to the impact those prices has on people. We can see this impact as the price of food and gas rise each and every day. The rising number of the poor is proof of this impact. The profit is this business model’s only concern. Is this how a morally superior system treats people?

In an union type of business environment a product would be sold at a fair price to all. This is because it would be recognized that the consumer is the very person who produced that product, the worker. And we must remember that it is the welfare of the worker that is the primary concern of the union model not profits. Isn’t that what morality is all about?

Isn’t that what any society is all about, the welfare of all of its people? If it is then shouldn’t we judge the morality of any society by how it treats the individuals that depend on society for his safety and welfare? If it is then shouldn’t that society through government policies put into practice an economic system that places the welfare of the individual above the greed of profits?

And we should remember, no business has a right to exist. If we recognize this then shouldn’t a society through government policies set up an economic system where businesses realize this and in this recognition realize its privilege and indebtedness to that society by giving back as much as it has taken from society? Wouldn’t that be the best indication of a morally superior system?

Best of all it would be a system without any governmental regulations in the finest tradition a free enterprise system. For why would there be any regulation in a system that places the welfare of the worker above the greed of profit? Regulations are only necessary to prevent abuse and the cause of abuse is greed as a result of placing profits above everything else. And isn’t government regulations the biggest complaint of the right in regards to the current system? As we see it would meet all of Ayn Rand’s criteria of an economic system.

So, my friends, these are but a few reasons why Socialism with a union type of business model is the morally superior Economic system over the morally corrupt Capitalistic form of Economic system that is now in place. And anyone who is an advocate of the current system can only be said to value greed above the welfare of people. Everything he does is done with greed in his heart. He is a person that cannot do anything good for everything he does he does to profit himself and himself alone. And this type of person only deserves to be treated with contempt, should he not?

Can we doubt the moral superiority of the liberal mindset over the morally corrupt mindset of those on the right now?

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Obama Girl is not Happy, Obama Has A Boyfriend Now

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