Silence of Fear, not Silence in Memory of the Brave, is What I Hear This Day

This is the day designated to be the day to spend in silent memory of the brave who died for our freedoms and rights.  But I hear no such silence.  The only silence I hear on this day is the silence of fear.  It is the silence of those who are afraid to voice their contempt of the acts of those who are trying to get others killed.  It is the silence of cowardice not bravery.

And, in my opinion, that is exactly what those cowards who are SWATting those conservative bloggers are hoping for, getting someone killed. And it doesn’t matter to them which party is the victim.  They have revealed their contempt for both, law enforcement as well as conservative bloggers.  They are just hoping that one or the other will not be clear-headed enough to prevent such a tragedy.

So I say to every conservative out there, be prepared. Do not let panic dictate your reactions if this occurs to you. Too much is at stake here, not only for you personally but for this great nation.

Liberals, it is your silence on this issue that they are depending on.  As long as you are silent on this issue these cowards will assume you explicitly condone what they are doing.  As long as you continue to monetarily support them they will feel you are implicitly justifying their acts.  They have already told you this implicitly in their declaration of gratitude for your support.

So liberals or progressives if you prefer the term, this is my challenge, come out from that locked closet of silent fear and declare yourself.  They have already declared themselves loud and clear as being one of you.   There is no doubt in my mind that they hope you remain silent. There is no doubt in my mind that they believe that you hope that they will succeed in their mission of getting someone killed. I do not underestimate the intelligence of these cowards.

The reason I say this is because there is no doubt in my mind that they think you’ll go off half-cocked and spin this as being the fault of conservatives and the values that they possess in regards to the possession of weapons.  We have already seen it in two previous incidences, the Treyvon Martin incident and the Gabrielle Giffords incident.

So liberals, believe my words or don’t believe them. It is up to you.  If you do not believe them then take up my challenge and voice your words of support for these cowards. If there is only a thread of truth in my words come out and condemn these cowards. Silence is not an option except for those who fear the consequences of speaking out. The choice be yours.

They may be “nobodies” as Markos Moulitsas has described them as every coward should be seen but it is your silence that makes them feel like “somebodies” and is their encouragement of what they are doing. I might also add that if they cannot succeed in their mission against conservative that one of you might get thrown under the bus and they will consider it a necessary sacrifice. That is the way cowards think and act.

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3 thoughts on “Silence of Fear, not Silence in Memory of the Brave, is What I Hear This Day

  1. Good job! I linked this one also.

  2. I was intrigued by the media you posted but I was a bit in the dark with regards to the post. It was very vague, but at the same time you directed lots of emotion toward a certain direction but I can’t quite put my finger on where it’s directed.

    What do you mean by “Liberals, it is your silence on this issue that they are depending on….silent on this issue these cowards will assume you explicitly condone what they are doing.” What issue? I didn’t read a specific issue before you made that statement. It seems you’re focused on violence but I’m not sure what act of violence, and, further, I’m not sure why or who thinks that liberals and conservatives alike are not engaged in violence across the board. Maybe you could clarify a bit for me?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. The Griper

    the issue i am specifically referring to can be found in the immediate 3 previous posts and my last post on Brett Kimberlin.

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