Is This Just a Fetus or is it a Baby?

This is a life that is being aborted every day. This is what some would consider as nothing but a bunch of cells. It has only known 12 weeks of life in this world. And for some that is 12 weeeks longer than it should have known life. It is this life that the Supreme court has decided doesn’t deserve to know what life is outside of the uterus. It is this life that must be sacrificed so that a woman may enjoy the fruits of her choice. A life that can be held in the palm of your hand.

Did the hand of nature give it life so that man, by his hand, can act like a God and take that life from it? Is that how man shows how socially just he can be? Is this how man reveals his love of life? Is this how man reveals his faith and hopes? is this how we show how precious “rights” are to us as a nation? What value do we place on the right of life, on the right of liberty, the right of pursuit of happiness when we seek them at someone else’s expense?

The gifts of choice and free will are wonderous gifts to man but like any gift they come with a responsibility. They were meant to be used wisely. Nature did not give us those gifts to take life. They were given so as to enhance the meaning of life.

12 Weeks old

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6 thoughts on “Is This Just a Fetus or is it a Baby?

  1. JD

    Not only am I horrified at the abortions but the sheer number of unborn being killed. Now we find out that we have selective sex abortions. The USA has no right to speak against this abhorrent practice of China since we allow the same thing!

  2. Lea Slattery

    Yes, abortion is so sad, but lets not forget why some people get abortions. Teen pregnancies, the fear these girls have of telling there parents and being ridiculed by a society that says there to young to be parents and have sex. So if you want to make abortion illegal you should also work on a society that says if God made our bodies able to conceive a child then its ok. Such double standards, Abortion is sad its very sad but a teen without a support group is also very sad.

  3. The Griper

    Fear is a part of life, Lea but we shouldn’t allow it to rule our lives. and the only way to overcome the fear within us is to confront it not run away from it. fear is never a justification of anything. it only reveals lack of faith.

    you and i cannot change society but we can teach our kids how to face society and to hold their heads high when they do make mistakes and how to take responsibility for their mistakes. that is a part of parenting, isn’t it?

  4. There must be a special corner in Hell for abortionists.

  5. Here is a letter that Pastor Mark Holick wrote to the Jackson, Wyoming newspaper. Jackson has an abortion clinic.

    “Jacksonites, Yours is a Bloody City”

  6. Tan

    I think abortions should remain legal. A women being raped should be able to have an abortion without being made out as a murderer. A women carrying a baby with severe disability should have the option to have an abortion because she may not be able to afford medical care for her newborn. If abortion is made illegal, it will still happen in alleys or peoples basements and will have higher risk of infections and the mother dying or creating complications for the unborn. Just because something is illegal does not mean it will not still happen. Education is of course essential in preventing unwanted pregnancies, but a women should have a “last resort” option if other methods failed, or as mentioned previously, being raped. It is not murder since the unborns nervous system isn’t mature enough to even know it is alive/ a human being.

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