a little humor to start the week

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One thought on “a little humor to start the week

  1. BB-Idaho

    That was funny. I liked it. Glad it never happened to me!
    Have you heard the one abou the problem with US healthcare”
    Bubba stops at the clinic. The receptionist asks what he has.
    “Shingles”. She asks for his insurance documentation, has him
    sign several sheets and asks him to take a seat.
    After fifteen minutes, a nurse comes out “Bubba?”. She takes
    him into the pre-exam room and asks him what he has.
    “Shingles”. She has him take a urine test and sends him to
    the lab for blood draw. When he returns she announces,
    “Remove your clothes, put on this gown and wait in the
    exam room for the doctor.
    Poor Bubba is freezing after a half hour of sitting on the
    steel exam table, Finally a doctor shows up. “So, what
    do you have?” “Shingles”. The doctor considers, “Where?”
    Bubba replies “Out in the truck, where do you want them

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