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Political Hypocricy of governments

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“Outsourcing jobs overseas is the newest trade controversy. With to-day’s technology,, goods are easily transported across oceans and information is carried across the seafloor at the speed of light through fiber optic cable. Meanwhile a debate rages throughout the country over the loss of mid-level white collar jobs to foreign countries.

At least 31 legislatures have introduced measures banning state agencies from entering into contracts with companies that would send those jobs outside the United States. The policy dilemma is equity. Is it right to spend taxpayer dollars overseas if it means savings to the states? Or is it the responsibility of lawmakers to ensure tax money stays in the United States?

Opponents of outsourcing believe that it is bad for states and bad for the American worker. Their primary argument is simple. Losing white-collar jobs to cheap overseas labor is bad for families and bad for states’ economies. And there is no proof that outsourcing results in the creation of higher level jobs for displaced workers.

According to MBG, a business information, analysis and forecasting firm based in Washington, D.C., the net private sector loss over the last three years is close to 3 million jobs. And the predictions for further job loss, especially in the service sector, are high. Forrester Research INc. predicts that domestic employers will move 3.3 million white collar service jobs overseas in the next 15 years. In the past, the economy typically shed jobs during a recession and rehired when the economy turned around. This was true when the United States had a very strong manufacturing sector. A factory would suffer slow periods, lay off a portion of its workforce and then rehire Re`hire´that workforce when production expanded. But, if job loss is the result of offshore, the people who have lost their jobs are not going to receive a call to come back to work. Those jobs are gone forever.”
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One thing that these politicians have in common is a political philosophy of Socialism, it seems. It appears that these politicians think it is better to support a socialistic form of economy even if it means outsourcing business than to support a capitalistic form of economy by awarding contracts to companies of this nation.

If outsourcing jobs is being unpatriotic by American businesses then how much greater is the lack of patriotism of those leaders of our nation that outsource business? I don’t see how you can protest one and support the other without being hypocritical.

Can someone help me in this dilemma?

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