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the roar of the tiger

The Tiger Roars

Let’s take a break from politics today, shall we? There are times when politics must take a back seat to other endeavors if only to give the mind a breather. And the events of yesterday revealed one of those endeavors.

Yesterday was the last day of the regular season of baseball and what an ending it was. It was an ending that will be remembered for years to come. Six teams had something to play for. Four teams fighting for the wild card and two teams playing for home field advantage. And to add to this the outcome was decided in the ninth inning of a couple of games.

This will be a post season where, as far as I’m concerned, there can be no clear favorite to win the pennant. Every team playing is very strong. Of course I am biased in regards to this post season because the team I root for is among these six teams, the Detroit Tigers.

The fact of no clear favorite allows everyone to pick their favorite team and present a very good argument of why they will win the pennant. Every team has two or three players that scares the other team and can be the difference in any game. This is one year where it can be said that there is no real underdog to root for.

My argument for the Tigers to win is the fact they have the pitcher, Justin Verlander, who is a shoo in for the Cy Young Award this year after winning the triple crown of pitching. They also have the best or second best closer of this season, Jose Valverde, who saved a season high of 49 straight games during the regular season. Offensively they have one of the best hitters in baseball, Miquel Cabrera, who won the batting crown with a .345 batting average to go along with his 30 home runs this year.

Additionally, the Tigers aquired a pitcher, Doug Fister, who has shown his worth as being the second starter behind Verlander. Joaquin Benoit has been invaluable as a set up man in the eighth inning. This would declare that Detroit has a very good pitching staff that will match up with any of the contenders for baseball’s crown this year.

As for offense they have Victor Martinez to hit behind Cabrera and is in the top five of the league in hitting and was just behind Cabrera in rbi’s with over a hundred runs driven in. And hitting behind Martinez the Tigers have a young man who has excelled beyond expectations both at the plate as well as behind the plate by the name of Alex Avila.

While I have just spoken of the strengths of the Tigers I will admit that they are a team with weaknesses also. They could use a a batter at the top of their order that is a true lead off batter and they are a team without any real speed. Their defense leaves something to be desired also. This is most noticeable at second and third base.

In spite of all of this I will be a Tiger fan and root for them each and every game they play in their quest to win the World Series. And once that is over my loyalty will be converted to football and will root for the Detroit Lions which shows signs that Detroit will truly be called the sports capital of the world in this year of the roaring cats.

“GO, TIGERS!!!!!”

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