The Griper has been Disabled for a while

Well folks, the ol’ Griper won’t be around for a few days. He is entering the hospital for an angiogram on his broken down old legs. The big thing that bothers me is that they are demanding that I starve myself before going in, no food or drink from midnight on. Times I actually believe that people be come doctors because they are closet sadists.

And even when they do get around to the time to feed you a person cannot help but feel that his first impression of being in a torture chamber is affirmed. And those gowns that they make you wear. It kinda makes you wonder what kind of sexual deviance that is being practiced in those places.

Then they take you into the operating room. Operating room!!! actually it should be called the “cutting room”

Oh well, hospitals, jails, prisons, seems as if they all give ya the same feelings once you go thru the doors and hear that sound of the locks no matter what they say is the difference.

Will be back though once my sentence is up and I get my freedom back.

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6 thoughts on “The Griper has been Disabled for a while

  1. JD

    I will be saying a prayer that all goes well and your stay and brief and done! Best to you.

  2. The Griper

    Thank you, JD. Seems as if life is filled with events where prayer is a welcomed response.

  3. JD

    You are so right. I have had some real nasty health issues and always have appreciated those that pray for me.

    PS Remember, there is good food at home waiting for you! Smile.

  4. BB-Idaho

    Careful, Griper..I’ve heard the latest procedure for ‘old broken
    down legs’ involves a Betty Grable transplant…

  5. I’ll say a prayer or two for you. Just don’t bend over in those gowns!

  6. Wishing you luck my friend. Take care and hugs to you from us girls and a hand shake from Jeff..

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