The Second Amendment of the federal Constitution and Bank of America

Supporter of 2nd Amendment?

Any advocates of the Second Amendment who do their banking with Bank of America might want to read this news about their banking policy. If what the professor is alleging about Bank of America is true it might give you second thoughts about your personal banking policy.
Legal Insurrection

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5 thoughts on “The Second Amendment of the federal Constitution and Bank of America

  1. While BofA can terminate a business relationship, we, as consumers, can take our business elsewhere.

  2. The Griper

    that we can, Tom. tis a nice feature about free enterprise and capitalism that a socialist State cannot offer..

  3. This is very interesting. Thanks for posting this. Some people just don’t need our business.

  4. BB-Idaho

    I’m no fan of Bank Of America, but it seems they have numerous
    clients in thegun industry
    and defense business. Until the dust settles, I’m thinking that the
    problem involved a change in McMillan business strategies and the McMillan folk were upset and walked out. ..then pointed the well
    used 2nd Amendment finger.

    • The Griper

      like you point out, BB, there is always two sides to a story and one should always consider that when making a decision. and people now days do have a tendency to jump the gun a bit


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