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A “Religion of Peace’s” War Against Women

” The decapitation of a young woman who resisted being forced into prostitution by her own family has led to the arrests of four Afghans, and shocked a country that has seen its share of violence over decades of war.

Mahgul, a 25-year-old newlywed, was murdered in Herat, a region of western Afghanistan where attacks against women have been on the rise, Afghan police told journalists. Her killing this past week was particularly disturbing because her body was found decapitated outside her marital home.

Police said the arrests on Saturday include her mother-in-law, father-in-law, and her husband.

The fourth individual is reported to be her husband’s cousin, who was arrested later after witnesses said he was seen with a bloody knife outside the house at the time the murder took place. The 18-year-old, identified only as Najibullah, confessed to the crime in front of reporters and television cameras, saying his aunt, Parigul, forced him to kill Mahgul.”
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Americans, Have We Become Failures When We Were Once Successful?

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The Fallacies of Racism

A very interesting 10 minute discussion on racism by Thomas Sowell as well as the history behind it. It is a clip for thought for those who are open minded enough to listen to. And words that when applied to the political atmosphere of today debunks all of the charges or racism that you hear so much of.

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Guess Who is the Right Winger and Who is the Left Winger

Since the issue of the week seems to be guns, just thought a little humorous knowledge of what not to do would be appropriate for the weekend

Ok, Lesson Needed

By the way Just a Conservative Girl has a humorous episode to report too in regards to a Romney interview. You might want to check it out for another grin.

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Another Beauty Takes her Last Ride into the Ever After

May this trip be as eventful as your last into the unknown, Ms. Ride

Sally Ride

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A Time in History That is Largely Misunderstood

Jefferson Davis

Stogie over at Saberpoint has started up a new blog that I thought you might be interested in. It is a blog that is going to focus on the Confederacy and of those times in our history. It is my understanding that he will be focusing on the many fallacies that has been taught of that time especially in regards to the South. For all of you interested in the history of this nation especially at the time of the war between the States I believe this will prove to be a very interesting blog. It can be reached by the following link.

Confederate Gray

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WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INTERNET DOOMSDAY COMING UP. Are You Prepared For It?

This is a warning for all internet users. I don’t guarantee any of this information but it never hurts to be cautious.
“Internet users scanning their Twitter feeds or Facebook accounts Sunday might want to add one more quick click to check their computer for malware.

Thousands of people around the country whose computers were infected with the malicious DNSChanger software more than a year ago faced the possibility of not being able to get online after midnight EDT.”

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A Dangerous Servant, A Fearful Master

Given the Supreme Court’s ruling that the federal government has the authority to force people to buy health insurance I thought it would be appropriate to remind everyone of the words of warning from the “Father of this nation” as he said of government. The following is a repost of something written way back in the end of the year 2009, December 16, to be exact.

Read it as you reflect upon what has occurred in the Supreme Court then ask yourself if this is how you wish to be treated by your government. I might remind you that the Supreme Court is an integral part of the federal government not a separate department from the federal government.

“Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force. And, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

If there be one quote that guides me to an understanding of the government’s place in society, the above quote would be the one I’d choose. I can’t think of a more eloquent illustration nor can I think of a better reason for a government to be limited in its powers than the above quote.

Yes, I have heard of all the arguments for trusting in my government and yes I have had the strings of my heart pulled many times as I have watched my fellow man suffer through the problems that life will bring upon us as human beings. It is only when I remember the words above that I see that no problem that a man may bring upon himself that can compare with the problem that would be inflicted upon him if his government has no restriction placed upon it as many seek now.

From the above quote we can see that government is not only the servant of the people but that government is also the people’s master. It is only by doing for ourselves can we be free of the dangers of this servant. It is only by liberating ourselves that we need not fear the wrath of the master. Is this not reason? Is this not expressing the eloquence so desired in life?

From the above quote we can see that the man who believes himself to be the master of his government will soon be wearing the chains and shackles of his arrogance, his back revealing the scourges of the whip. The servant that government be will be wielding the whip while the master that government be will be holding the key to the locks of the chains.

Now, there will be those who think me a fool for the words I use here this day. They will seek to dispel the words of fear that I feel and am trying to instill. They will downplay the dangers, as if unfounded. But a man who is not fearful of the power of a government is a man already in chains, his will bent to the will of his master.

So, be careful of what you ask of your government, my friends, for it will be given unto you but it will be for a price no man should be willing to pay. And if a man does not pay the price willingly it will be exacted by force.

By the way, the speaker of those words I quoted was none other than Geo. Washington, a man who knew the meaning of force better than most men being a military man and also an owner of slaves. So, it would be the wise man who heeded his words well.

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Everyday Innovations by Ordinary Folks

When we think of innovations the first thing that comes to mind are our great inventors but ordinary folks do a lot of innovating and very few people give them credit. Here are a few examples of innovative ideas that my niece sent to me in an email. Just simple ideas but ones to make our lives much easier. I’ll bet you’ll find at least one a very useful idea.

A clever use of a dust pan to get water into a container that is too big for the sink“.

Placing a rubber band over a paint can to prevent paint from getting everywhere but back in the paint can where it belongs while painting“.

Putting a wooden spoon over a boiling pot of water to prevent boil over“.

How to put shoes in the dryer

Have a good day everyone and nice weekend 🙂

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A Secular Nation or A Nation under the Providence of God?

On our way home from church services one Sunday afternoon grandpa had this to say in regards to the sermon of the pastor that day.

“Boy, There are those who would teach us that the founding fathers intended to create a secular nation rather than a nation under God and apparently that includes our fine pastor. And this teaching is not the exclusive teaching of the left even though it is the left that is the biggest promoters of this idea. There are plenty of those on the right that will ally themselves with the left in this regard.

They would argue that organized religion has no place in government. They would argue that the 1st amendment placed a wall of separation between government and organized religion and that this wall extended to every tier of government. And i’ll admit that this idea enjoys popular support among the people thus making me appear to be an extremist on this issue because I question its validity.

On the right are those who are the biggest proponents of Ayn Rand, persons such as Les over at “Rational Nation” who considers himself as being a conservative arguing this point. He will promote this idea as being a rational argument based upon the selective quotations of one of the founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, as seen in this post, Thoughts from the Past…Relevant Today And I’d agree that if you took these quotations as being representative of the viewpoint of all of the founding fathers then the argument for a secular nation would be a credible claim.

Then you have those who possess a modern day liberal point of view such as Shaw over at “Progressive Eruptions” who acknowledge that the founding fathers such as Geo. Washington attribute the founding of this nation to providence but will not define it as the providence of God. They will define it in the secular sense of the providence of fate or destiny as she expresses in this post,
Rick Santorum Wants to Throw up on the Founding Fathers


Both parties will recognize that the founding fathers were God-fearing men but reveal their animosity towards organized religions by defining them as Deists as if being a Deist is a rejection of organized religions. They will even go as far as presenting episodes of their lives in a manner as to make it appear that the founding fathers saw organized religion as a cause of the problems of the world when there is a State/religion relationship. Demonizing the Christian faith is a popular past time for some in today’s society. The problem lies in the fact that when a person does his own research instead of relying on their research the facts and history does not back them up.

Geo. Washington who is called the “Father” of this nation was a member of an organized religion not just a Deist. He was also a leader in the congregation of the church he attended services at. This organized religion that he was a member of was also a State supported religion. So, when we read that he believed that our nation can only be attributed to providence then how can we doubt that he meant the providence of God? And if we are to believe that this union of States was intended to be an union of perpetuity then it can only be declared so because of the providence of God.

Ben Franklin was baptized into the membership of an organized religion. He himself came to the conclusion that if a man was to lead a virtuous life a simple belief in a Deity wasn’t enough. He came to the conclusion that if one sought to lead a virtuous life membership of an organized religion was a necessity.

And if we followed Mr. Franklin’s advice in ascertaining the state of government by studying the constitutions of the States we’d see that many of the States recognize their existence through the providence of God in their constitutions. In fact nearly every one of the States honor God in some manner or another in their constitutions. So, how can we declare ourselves a secular nation when the States that make up this great nation declare themselves as being constitutionally under God?

And if you study these State constitutions a person will find another amazing element of this issue. Many of the 13 States had a requirement that in order to be a member of their government one had to be a member of a protestant religion. No catholic or atheist was allowed in some States. In fact an atheist wasn’t allowed to run for political office in one State until after 1929. So, while there are some who will preach the idea of a secular nation, an in depth study of history will reveal a whole different story.

The use of history is a necessity in the study of government. It is when one needs to revise history in order to promote their political ideology that one should question the goals of that ideology in regards to their righteousness. And, unfortunately, it is the ones willing to question that righteousness who are called extremists because they are unwilling to go along with the mainstream of thought. Mainstream thought, I might add, that can only be attributed to 20th century misinterpretation of 18th century thought in order to promote a ideology.

And, boy, this is one person who bares the label of being an extremist with a humble pride. There are many who seek certainty in life but doubt can be a very powerful ally when one is seeking truth. So, boy, whenever you find yourself in a state of certainty you’ll know that is the time when doubt is most needed.”

I just nodded as I grabbed a leg of chicken from the picnc basket that grandma prepared and as I took a bite out of it I responded to grandpa with a big grin on my face;
“Well. grandpa there is one certainty that I have and need not doubt. I am certain and can say without doubt that grandma makes the best fried chicken in the whole county.”

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