Welcome To My Home, Stranger

Don’t believe anything needs to be said here, is there?

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4 thoughts on “Welcome To My Home, Stranger

  1. JD

    I would agree. Like what the message is underneath the picture.

  2. The Griper

    yes,JD, the message is very clear

  3. BB-Idaho

    Now that should discourage the Jehovah Witness ladies!

  4. BB-Idaho

    Concealed carry is ubiquitous in Idaho. Yesterday, a fellow shot
    a charging pitbull in the head. (pitbulls are also ubiquitous in Idaho, but we spudheads worry about wolves). Week before last a guy
    fought off a pitpull with a doublehead ax. Odd, like gang neighborhoods in metro areas, we have parts of town where the
    pitbulls (and their proud owners) rule the streets. Myweapon of choice for killer dogs is, unfortunately, difficult to conceal.

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