The Fallacies of Racism

A very interesting 10 minute discussion on racism by Thomas Sowell as well as the history behind it. It is a clip for thought for those who are open minded enough to listen to. And words that when applied to the political atmosphere of today debunks all of the charges or racism that you hear so much of.

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4 thoughts on “The Fallacies of Racism

  1. JD

    I really admire Thomas Sowell. He has great intelligence and insight. Wish there was more of that in our government.

  2. The Griper

    in that we are in total agreement, jd.

  3. Here is a good article written by Thomas Sowell:

    “Occupy Wall Street by Thomas Sowell”

  4. The Griper

    powerful messages that get lost because of the unwillingness to listen to truth, Tim, I agree.
    Thomas Sowell could be the savior of his own people if they’d only listen.

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