Guess Who is the Right Winger and Who is the Left Winger

Since the issue of the week seems to be guns, just thought a little humorous knowledge of what not to do would be appropriate for the weekend

Ok, Lesson Needed

By the way Just a Conservative Girl has a humorous episode to report too in regards to a Romney interview. You might want to check it out for another grin.

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4 thoughts on “Guess Who is the Right Winger and Who is the Left Winger

  1. BB-Idaho

    Explains why so few left wingers are seen at shooting ranges…
    a picture is worth a thousand words! 🙂

  2. The Griper

    welcome back, my friend. i take it you got the vehicle to the shop in one piece and all is working as it should. have any scary moments?

    • BB-Idaho

      Well, Griper, it was an odd affair. The shop could find no leak,
      no fluid in the brake drums and no fluid loss whatever. I asked
      the guy if that happens often and he said no. BUT, while they
      were checking things out they found the front steering track bar
      was about to go; now the truck steers straight ?! The shop recommended placing white cardboard under the leak (and that seems to have fixed it). ..and I found out I had a track bar under the front…and we wonder why libs stay away from the firing range…

  3. The Griper

    well, it seems a possible false alarm led you to another problem. that is good. still a good idea to keep an eye on that area for a few days and if you see another puddle get a sample of it to analyze.

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