Kids and the Way They Wear Their Clothes These Days.

Now, I do not know if the picture below is stating a fact or not. In fact, I will go even further by saying that I doubt that it is true. But there is one thing I am certain of. As a parent I would not hesitate one second about using what it says as the reason to tell my son to pull his pants up. I would not hesitate to remind him that if someone was to misconstrue his intent and takes advantage of him that he had no one to blame for it but himself if he continued to wear his pants half way down to his knees. And if any parent was to use me as verification that this was a fact I would not hesitate one second before backing them up.

Jail Birds

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3 thoughts on “Kids and the Way They Wear Their Clothes These Days.

  1. BB-Idaho

    One of those odd fashion statements; in my day, you kept a pack of cigarettes tucked into a t-shirt sleeve…smoking was optional.

  2. A passer-by at the college that I attended in my old age had his pants fall clear down around his ankles. Not so bad if he’d been wearing underwear. Not so bad either, if the pants hadn’t tripped him, throwing him headlong into the street gutter. And this happened to be during class change, when the area was full of students of both sexes. He scrambled back into his pants and down an alley. leaving many laughing students behind him. No, I didn’t see it, but I certainly heard about it!

  3. BB-Idaho

    Gorges’ comment on nudity and students laughing brought to mind
    the ‘streaking’ phenomena of the 60s. I was at a HS basketball game filled with fans. Right after the Star Spangled Banner, a kid
    ‘streaked’ stark naked from one end of the gym to the other; quite
    astounding. He reached the main door and it was locked. Much

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