A Scene of My Home Town

As each of you enter my little home in cyberspace you’ll notice that I have changed the picture in my header. It is a scene from the place I grew up and still call home. It is still a small town with a year round population of about 2500 persons but in the summer that population grows to around 15000 persons. The biggest complaint in this town is the backed up traffic that results when they raise the bridge to allow the boats to enter or leave the small harbor in the middle of town. The person who took this picture had to be standing on the walkway of the bridge at the time.

And if you see this as a beautiful scene then I’ll clue you the whole of downtown is just as beautiful. It is one of those places where you can park your car at the edge of town, take the hand of your best girl and just spend the evening walking around the town taking in all of its beauty and not spend a penny. The heart of the town is in a small valley and the main street of it is no longer than five blocks. A park that separates the main street and the harbor runs the whole length of downtown.

there are about five beaches with the most popular one being on lake Michigan which is at the end of this waterway and off to the left. That is lake Michigan off in the horizon. A smaller lake called lake Charlevoix is to our backs in the opposite direction. And in between the two larger lakes is a small harbor called Round lake that connects the two larger lakes.

here is that same scene taken during the day:

Here is a aerial pic taken during the winter and shows all three lakes frozen over:

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12 thoughts on “A Scene of My Home Town

  1. JD

    That really is beautiful. It almost looks fake. A good fake! How fortunate you were to grow up there.

  2. Linda Warner

    Also my hometown, and every bit as beautiful as you describe. 🙂 Great article…….

  3. The Griper

    well, JD, it isn’t fake i can assure you of that as Linda will back me up. in fact that picture depicts a normal summer’s eve there. the sunsets and sunrises are heavenly. even winters there are beautiful.

  4. BB-Idaho

    Is it just me, or does that locale beat California?

  5. The Griper

    California has some beautiful sites, BB, that i will admit but there are only two other places that rival the beauty of Charlevoix and that is Colorado and Utah. but then i am biased.

  6. You don’t do posts on classic film beauties anymore, Griper?

  7. The Griper

    its been awhile since i’ve done one, Will, but that is always in the back of my mind to start up again. that was one of those series i truly enjoyed doing.

  8. BB-Idaho

    Wondering, did the Charelvoix schools cover local history ?

  9. The Griper

    not to the extent that schools should, BB. everyone knew that the town was named after a French priest but that knowledge usually came thru the grapevine. most history taught was on the State or national level like most schools.the cost of history books is probably the reason for this.

  10. Bill S

    Charlevoix is calling…. come to me, come to me….

    Sing to the tune of Bali Hi… 🙂

  11. Bill S

    Thanks Don, for reminding us….

    Bill Supernaw

  12. The Griper

    next time you see Jack Moran, thank him. it was him that took that beautiful shot, Bill.

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