WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INTERNET DOOMSDAY COMING UP. Are You Prepared For It?

This is a warning for all internet users. I don’t guarantee any of this information but it never hurts to be cautious.
“Internet users scanning their Twitter feeds or Facebook accounts Sunday might want to add one more quick click to check their computer for malware.

Thousands of people around the country whose computers were infected with the malicious DNSChanger software more than a year ago faced the possibility of not being able to get online after midnight EDT.”

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7 thoughts on “WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INTERNET DOOMSDAY COMING UP. Are You Prepared For It?

  1. BB-Idaho

    Thanks for the reminder. I started checking for that several months back. ..and today so far I’ve checked 3 times! Apparently there are only 46,000 computers in the US that are thought to be infected.
    As you’d expect, I took the number of US computers, i-pads, smartphones etc (78.6/1000) and slideruled in the current population to find that 0.0186% of us are in trouble. That exercise
    brings us to places with even higher computer owner density
    like Switzerland (83.6/100) and Netherlands (90/100). Along those lines, the virus writers were in Estonia (50/100) and the libertarian
    Somalians (.09/100) needn’t worry. Doggone, Griper ya got me
    going again..at least got the dust of the sliderule. 🙂

  2. BB-Idaho

    ..gotta get new glasses; the US figure should be 78.6/100, not
    1000. Thought I better correct that before you or your alert
    readers made fun of my old slide rule….

  3. The Griper

    you know, that 78.6/100 is still a pretty high number considering the diversity of this nation along economic lines as well as ethnic lines.

    as for making fun of your old slide rule, do you really think i’d do that and hurt its feelings? that wouldn’t be politically correct now, would it? besides, i think it appreciates the fact it belongs to someone who still considers it a worthwhile tool. 🙂

  4. BB-Idaho

    The FBI shut down the dnServer virus at midnight. Since we are still writing and reading, I guess we survived the doomsday?

  5. The Griper

    does that mean we were good boys on the internet system and deserve some candy now?

  6. BB-Idaho

    One of my wife’s friends lost her computer to that virus. It is so
    hard to stifle a chuckle…..

  7. The Griper

    and i’m sure you worked real hard at it too real hard…..

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