Shucking Corn The Easy Way

Just thought we might give politics a rest and talk of something that will be of interest to all eespecially at this time of the year when corn on the cob is on everyone’s plate. Here is a little video that I think everyone will get a kick out of when thinking of that all-American treat.

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3 thoughts on “Shucking Corn The Easy Way

  1. BB-Idaho

    As usual, the background and derivation of ‘shucking’ got me to
    pondering. The linguistics experts inform that the word is of
    American derivation, but is of unknown origin. I’m thinking its
    origins lie in ‘husk’, and perhaps ‘dehusking’ was shortened to
    ‘shucking’. ..or since the husk was considered useless compared
    to the kernels, the early corn huskers thought ‘aw, shucks’ as they tossed the husks into a pile. Now…if I could just figure out why
    Nebraskans are called Cornhuskers…..

  2. The Griper

    i wouldn’t doubt that the word had a southern beginning with that lazy drawl of theirs. or maybe a slave’s usage.

  3. JD

    Too bad I don’t have a microwave.

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