A Dangerous Servant, A Fearful Master

Given the Supreme Court’s ruling that the federal government has the authority to force people to buy health insurance I thought it would be appropriate to remind everyone of the words of warning from the “Father of this nation” as he said of government. The following is a repost of something written way back in the end of the year 2009, December 16, to be exact.

Read it as you reflect upon what has occurred in the Supreme Court then ask yourself if this is how you wish to be treated by your government. I might remind you that the Supreme Court is an integral part of the federal government not a separate department from the federal government.

“Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force. And, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

If there be one quote that guides me to an understanding of the government’s place in society, the above quote would be the one I’d choose. I can’t think of a more eloquent illustration nor can I think of a better reason for a government to be limited in its powers than the above quote.

Yes, I have heard of all the arguments for trusting in my government and yes I have had the strings of my heart pulled many times as I have watched my fellow man suffer through the problems that life will bring upon us as human beings. It is only when I remember the words above that I see that no problem that a man may bring upon himself that can compare with the problem that would be inflicted upon him if his government has no restriction placed upon it as many seek now.

From the above quote we can see that government is not only the servant of the people but that government is also the people’s master. It is only by doing for ourselves can we be free of the dangers of this servant. It is only by liberating ourselves that we need not fear the wrath of the master. Is this not reason? Is this not expressing the eloquence so desired in life?

From the above quote we can see that the man who believes himself to be the master of his government will soon be wearing the chains and shackles of his arrogance, his back revealing the scourges of the whip. The servant that government be will be wielding the whip while the master that government be will be holding the key to the locks of the chains.

Now, there will be those who think me a fool for the words I use here this day. They will seek to dispel the words of fear that I feel and am trying to instill. They will downplay the dangers, as if unfounded. But a man who is not fearful of the power of a government is a man already in chains, his will bent to the will of his master.

So, be careful of what you ask of your government, my friends, for it will be given unto you but it will be for a price no man should be willing to pay. And if a man does not pay the price willingly it will be exacted by force.

By the way, the speaker of those words I quoted was none other than Geo. Washington, a man who knew the meaning of force better than most men being a military man and also an owner of slaves. So, it would be the wise man who heeded his words well.

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14 thoughts on “A Dangerous Servant, A Fearful Master

  1. Good news! There are some countries left where you can escape the tyranny of socialized medicine. They include Haiti, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, and almost every country in Africa.

  2. The Griper

    he grins, and its apparent from your attempt at sarcism that you don’t understand the full signifcance of the ruling, Joe.

    • I understand that we’re taking the first steps towards a health care system that almost every other industrialized country on Earth has already adopted.

  3. BB-Idaho

    It may be instructive that the people who have unquestionably
    suffered the most from governments have great faith in ours….

  4. The Griper

    you might get an argument in regards it being the first steps, Joe. but i’ll go along with the argument as stated and say, “then, all that is needed to do is look at how those nations are doing as a result of their socialistic practices. and from where i’m sittin i see nuttin to brag about.

    and that goes for a lot of the city as well as the State governments right here in this nation. many have already proclaimed bankruptcy and i will not be surprised to hear of more proclaiming it in the future also.”

    • I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you haven’t actually experienced health care in another country.

  5. The Griper

    yup, you did, joe, and sawed it off while sitting there too on yourself. hope you didn’t hurt yourself too bad.

  6. I guess that’s a no? As someone who’s actually experienced European health care first-hand (in third-world Bulgaria, mind you), I can tell you that they would never deny care to someone because he didn’t have enough money.

    The infrastructure and equipment from the Soviet-era hospital was quite outdated, but after a week of in-stay treatment for pneumonia that included X-rays, a private room, and an ambulance ride, my girlfriend’s bill came out to about 100 US dollars (by comparison, my 10-hour stay in a US hospital for pneumonia was about $1,000). The doctors looked at me like I was crazy when I told them that neither of us had health insurance.

    It’s a similar situation for me now in South Korea. I recently watched my girlfriend (who apparently has the worst luck abroad) get a wisdom tooth pulled for a $10 copay. A week’s worth of medication came out to about $3.

  7. The Griper

    well, first of all, your guess is wrong.
    second of all, if you wanna use anectodal evidence i can assure you that a person could get medical care right here in the good ol’ USA and not pay a penny out of his own pocket for decades now.

    so, your examples mean nothing, try again, Joe

    btw, trying to convince me by using arguments of emotions as you are using won’t work.

    • Of course, anyone in America can skip out on their medical bills. That’s one of the big reasons why health care is so expensive for everyone else. When everyone pulls their own weight (which conservatives used to be all for prior to January 2009), costs go down. That’s how South Korea spends 6% of their GDP on health care and the US spends 15%, the highest in the world.

  8. The Griper

    boy you sure do like to make a lot of poor assumptions about people, don’t you, Joe? who said anything about skipping out on their medical bills?

    • You certainly have an odd way of trying to have a discussion. I’ll stop making your arguments for you and wish you the best of luck in Turkmenistan.

  9. The Griper

    and you might start using arguments of reasons rather than using misleading statements and arguments of emotion to present your case, neither of which makes for a good argument.

    if you want to argue over feelings then you’re right this is not the place.if you want to use misleading statements i won’t argue over them.

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