How Long to Crack Your Password?

I found a very interesting site about password protection. It teaches you how to create an easily remembered password yet hard to crack by some hacker. It allows you to create a password then tells you just how long it would take to crack it and it is surprising just how a small password can be made into a very good one. So, if you want to see how good your passwords are, check out the following site.
Password Protection

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9 thoughts on “How Long to Crack Your Password?

  1. That was interesting – I was a little shocked to read that the most popular passwords are “123456” and “password”…….seriously!?

  2. BB-Idaho

    I hope that isn’t a sting site that collects passwords!

  3. The Griper

    its not, BB. it just teaches how to create one on your own. check it out.

  4. BB-Idaho

    Kind of interesting; if you use the chemical formula for aspartame,
    (nutrasweet), an attack of 1000 random queries/second would take
    120,000 centuries. Of course chemists have short attention spans-one walked into a drugstore and asked for sodium acetylsalicilate.
    Druggest says ‘you mean asprin?’ Embarrassed chemist says
    “dang, I can never remember that” 🙂

    • The Griper

      i have problems just remembering having to go to the drug store much less remembering why. 🙂


  5. This is what I am going to school for. Networking teaches us how to do this stuff. Make good passwords and if and when I go into my bachelors degree they will teach us how to hack also esp when people are stupid enough to forget there passwords.

  6. The Griper

    as forgetful as i am, nicole, it sounds like you’ll be a good friend to hang onto. hope you are enjoying the classes. 🙂

  7. yes I am. Looking forward to this next quarter. I have my Server class, physical Networking class and math 2. ICKY math.. LOL..

  8. The Griper

    just think of the server in terms of being the “mommy” and all of the other computers in terms of being the “kids” at dinnertime with her feeding them and you’ll do fine.

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