Last in Your Lifetime Event, Venus Transit

Venus Transit

For all of you science fans tomorrow, June 5th, will be the only day to observe Venus as it transits across the Sun. It will not happen again for 105 years from now.
You can view it without the danger of hurting your eyes from this site if you’d like to watch it. Just click on the link “Slooh Space Camera” in my blogroll to get the exact time for watching it live.

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2 thoughts on “Last in Your Lifetime Event, Venus Transit

  1. BB-Idaho

    Glad to have seen part of the Venus transit. (remotely as it was very overcast here. Now I won’t have to wait around for the next one….:)

  2. The Griper

    was an amazing sight, wasn’t it? also enjoyed the conversations about Venus too. have to say the universe and all that is in it is one fantastic story and site.

    don’t remember how i found that site but sure am glad i added it to my blogroll.

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