Just a Thought of What Abortion Prevents

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Don’t have much to say today so I thought i might give you something to think about when considering the issue of abortion. We can say all we want to about what abortion is about and whether or not it is moral or immoral but one thing neither side of the issue can deny is this. Every single abortion prevents what happened in the video link from happening later in life. Every single abortion has an effect on someone else other than the pregnant woman as shown in the video in the following link. Are the benefits gained by an abortion greater than the consequences? I say no more. What say you?
Reunited Families

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9 thoughts on “Just a Thought of What Abortion Prevents

  1. its hard to say what to say here with my opinion this subject being so hard. it affects everyone down the line after a woman has an abortion yes. The father that wondered what his child looked like, or the mother sometime wondering why she did it or the grandparents in there state of wondering what they could have done to change the mothers mind. At the time there is nothing we can do to change a women’s opinion but years or days or what nots later. but yes it does affect others in the long run..

  2. Yup, absolutely right. The negative effects are daunting. Also, the decision to keep a child can have the same effects. Having a child when you’re not ready can lead to major stress and psychological damage (even suicide related to post-pardum depression).

    With that said, I think abortion is immoral but it’s important to think about both sides, and effects from all decisions one makes when pregnant.

  3. The Griper

    you’re right, Justin. but then how do we solve a problem of morality when there are two possibilities, one negative and the other positive?

    should we decide in favor of the positive thus risking the occurance of the negative or decide in favor of the negative realizing the certainty of preventing the positive?

  4. BB-Idaho

    That type of decision is a Morton\’s Fork . It is not a choice I would make for another. A few years back, two local girls became pregnat in HS; thier parents insisted
    for religious reasons they bear the infant. Both shot themselves in the head in their parent’s home. Morton’s Fork….

  5. The Griper

    yup, BB, that is something to take into consideration also. but you are a scientist so i’ll ask the inevitable question. what are the odds of probability of that occurance by making that decision?

    • BB-Idaho

      No idea, Griper…scientific statistics are generally derived from
      experiments and rigorous control; as you likely know, social
      statistics are, well…..

  6. The Griper

    he grins,,yup, agree totally with your conclusion on social statistics, yet what else do we have to use to make decisions other than faith?

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