An Update on Brett Kimberlin

This is an update on the Brett Kimberlin story. Remember, this is a man who has cost a man and his wife their jobs because their employer was afraid of the consequences of keeping them on. That man being the owner of the blog, “Allergic to Bull”. Remember, Brett Kimberlin is responsible for a man to feel he needed to put his family into hiding. That man being “The Other McCain”.

What has the left got to say about this harrassment, nothing as far as I can see. If any of my followers can find a leftist blog out there decrying what this man is doing and tells me of it I will add that blog to the list of blogs in my first post on Brett Kimberlin. In fact the only words i’ve heard of a leftist speak in regards to this situation are the words of Markos Moulitsas as he tweeted these words,

“So wingnut bloggers are apparently trying their hardest to make some nobody into the greatest hitler on the left. ”

The silence of the left is deafening and that in itself says much about them. This is especially true when you read what Brett Kimberlin has said on his own blog, Justice Through Music. Note what he says in the second to the last sentence. And this was just posted a couple of days ago.

“May 25, 2012 – We want to thank all of you for your tremendous support this week. Keep those donations flooding in so that those opposed to human rights and progressive values will see that their malicious attacks on youth, women, activists, Muslims, and the 99% will not be tolerated in our beloved democracy. Please note that we are working closely with both state and federal law enforcement officials and have given them lists of all those who make inappropriate statements or contacts. Again, thank you so much for all the donations. We feel like Planned Parenthood after the attack on them.”

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4 thoughts on “An Update on Brett Kimberlin

  1. Sounds like noise.

  2. The Griper

    even noise has the ability to harm especially if one is “forced” to listen to it..

  3. Well, he SHOULD feel like Planned Parenthood, since they’ll probably all end up the same place someday, for ALMOST the same reasons. I suppose I should add that I’m talking about their etenal souls being in Hell or some pervert will construe it as a threat!

  4. The Griper

    that was just a poor attempt to place the “victim” tattoo on his own forehead, Gorges. Don’t think very many people will buy it tho if they are wise enough to read about him.

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