A Leftist Gone too Far, Time to Take a Stand, People

Brett Kimberlin

This is suppose to be the United States of America, the defender of Free Speech. There is someone on the left who along with his coherts who apparently do not appreciate its meaning. It is time that We, the People take a united stand against persons such as these.

Does the name BRETT KIMBERLIN mean anything to you? If not, take the time to read his story on the following blogs. And if you value your freedoms and rights add your blog to the many who are fighting for their freedom and rights. It is the good fight and one that we all should be willing to get in on. I’ll be citing more blogs and adding their names to this fight as time allows.

Michelle Malkin
The Gay Patriot
Patterico’s Pontifications(Victim)
The Other McCain(Victim)
Legal Insurrection
Sister Toldjah
Gorges’ Grouse
Left Coast Rebel
The Republican Mother
High Plains Pundit
Allergic to Bull (Victim)
Red State (Victim)
Hack Wilson
A Conservative Lesbian
American Power

Even the Washington Examiner is getting into this frey. This is good. The mainstream media should be leading the rest of us in this fight.

Glenn Beck has interviewed two of the victims, one of which is on the following video:

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