Slavery, Forced Child Marriages, Honor Killings, the Common Thread, ISLAM!!!!!!

Banaz Mahmod, Honor Killing victim

WAKE UP, PEOPLE, WAKE UP. Its time to stand your ground.

Slavery, Forced marriage of children, honor killings, what do they all have in common? The answer is Islam.

A special police unit found over 1500 cases of forced marriages in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2011. almost 30% of these marriages involved children, the youngest being of the age of 5. and that isn’t all.

“But the case comes as no surprise to the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO), which deals with more than 100 cases of forced marriage a year.
“We have had clients who are in their very early teens, 11-year-olds, 12-year-olds, the youngest case we had was nine years old,” said IKWRO campaigns officer Fionnuala Murphy.”

Read more of the story here

As to the honor code that you hear about so often and is the basis for the practice of the honor killings of women and children, a study showed that over 2800 attacks were recorded in the U.K., 500 in London alone. Families will deny the attacks as attacks of honor and those carrying out the attacks are respected members of their community. In fact they are looked upon as heroes in their community for defending the honor code.

Read the rest of the story here

Remember that these stories only cover a very small segment of the Islamic people in a very small section of the world. Then remember that the U.K, Wales and Ireland are considered to be Christian nations not Islamic nations and use your own imagination to estimate the number of the cases in other nations where Muslims reside. The number can only be staggering and might even be called an epidemic by some standards.

This is not the works of a few. This is the end result of a life style as practiced by a whole people. The honor code enjoys the support of up to 75% and is especially strong among the young Muslim. Remember, this practice is in accordance to the teachings and practice of Mohammed. He is the way, the truth and the life for the Muslim, every Muslim not just a few.

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