OK, No One Likes My Politics

Foolish Thoughts?

Ok, nobody likes my politics. Everyone believes me to be nothing but a kook or extremist. And that comes from both sides of the aisle. Funny thing is that the founding fathers tried a whole new form of government and the world saw it as an experiment in government. Well. What is that but except putting extreme ideas into practice instead of following conventional wisdom?

Now, we have a government that is no different from any other government in the world. What happened to that experimental government that we were founded on? What happened to a nation that was united by a constitution and is now divided by that same constitution? What went so wrong that we no longer even care if we follow in the steps of those new ideas or not? What is it that we, the people, seek that the experiment had to be abandoned in order to achieve what we seek of ourselves?

We were once proud of being known as a nation of individuals instead of a collective nation. What happened to that pride? Have we become a nation of wimps? A nation where the individual no longer has the attitude of “I can” but one of “I cannot so government must”? A nation where a man no longer takes pride in having what he has earned and feels no shame in taking what another man has earned?

Is there that much prejudice against individualism now days? Is truth so relative in today’s society that even lies are acceptable because they are also viewed as being relative? Well, if that be the standard then I will remain an extremist because there is nothing more extreme than truth. And that is more important to me than any ideology.

If standing by the truth means that I stand alone then alone I will stand. If in seeking the truth means traveling the road by myself then I will travel it alone. For I will always question what I believe. For I will always question what another believes. That is the hallmark of individualist. I take nothing for granted. For I carry the ball and chain of doubt in all that is told to me. For I carry the ball and chain of doubt in my own findings. If that be wrong then I be eternally wrong. Yet, isn’t that the essence of learning?

If I be wrong teach me the truth. If I be mistaken correct me. But be kind enough to bare with me as I seek answers to my doubts. Give me reasons not excuses and you will find nobody more agreeable than me. Isn’t that what seeking the truth is all about? For there is no shame in acknowledging ignorance.

The path of life is best traveled alone. For only by traveling it alone can one view the world through an unhindered viewpoint. Travel it as a collective and your viewpoint is always hindered and distorted by those who surround you. Travel it alone and you will be the expert of your own life. Travel it as a collective and you will need to depend on experts to tell you how to live.

I speak no more but seek only to listen and question

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7 thoughts on “OK, No One Likes My Politics

  1. I’d rather have an honest enemy than either a dishonest OR wishy-washy friend any day. I’m sure we won’t always agree, but you keep on keepin’ on!

  2. The Griper

    i hope we never will agree on everything, Gorges. if we did agree on everything we’d have nothing to learn from the other. and that would be a boring relationship.

  3. I am betting I am hated more. 😀 😀 😀 I DON’T CARE what the hell others think realy I do what I do and that is that.

  4. So there you have it! ;]

  5. Bill

    The forefathers knew this was an experiment also, oh well, they meant well. Truth is that we suck as governing ourselves as a group, especially when idiots are allowed to also vote. Idiots, assholes, self centered, everyone.

  6. BB-Idaho

    With reference to “if we did agree on everything we’d have nothing to learn from the other. and that would be a boring relationship.” …additionally, those that agree on everything tend to walk in the
    lockstept of Randian tribalism
    tribalism is great for isolated tribes, problematic in a large heterogenious society. (I think)

  7. The Griper

    so true, BB. so very true. we might also add the word “small” to those isolated tribes too. and one reason might be that small isolated tribes tend to be more “family” oriented type of groups.

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