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Politics and Their Extremes

Foolish Thoughts?

“Grandpa, when a person listens to your political ideas I have often heard whispers accusing you of being an extremist. Do you really expect people to take positions at their most extreme point?”

“Boy, what person says can often indicate the political viewpoints he adheres to, I agree but that is not the case in every situation. Extreme viewpoints can be used to create a far clearer understanding of what his viewpoints are than his actual viewpoints. Besides, when speaking of political philosophy the extreme position is usually presented in its ideal condition for the purpose and intent of convincing others. And it is only by the knowing of the shortcomings of the extremes that we can ascertain the shortcomings of those viewpoints of lesser degrees of extremes.

Another thing about using extremes is to follow a person line of thinking to its most logical conclusion and that will always lead a person done the path to the extreme and one should always be prepared to meet the consequences that is an inevitable result of those extremes. The ones who are not prepared will be the ones who will not survive it. This is true regardless of which extreme will be the one that a person will experience.

In politics the two extremes can be summed up as being a society with an all powerful government or a society without a government then asking what the consequences are to the individual of that society. I say this because the path of politics leads a person towards that end, each to his own end. And since we do not exist in a perfect world we cannot create a perfect political system thus it is the imperfection of any system that will results in consequences. This is true in spite of all the promises that is used to promote either one of the extreme positions.

We can also view society from one of two viewpoints, the viewpoint of the individual or the viewpoint of the collective. Now, in order to understand the viewpoint of a person one must first ascertain if a person has a mindset of collectivism or a mindset of individualism. Once that is determined we can then determine the extreme positions as understood by that person.

A person with a collective mindset will view the extremes as being the choice between Communism and Fascism. With this in mind the left would lead society down the path to communism and promote the idea that the right will lead society down the path to Fascism. Thus, they will promote their path as being beneficial to all with no exceptions and do so in increments so as to take a person’s mind off of the ultimate end, communism.

And this is done by demonizing every institution of a free society funded by private enterprise and promoting government as being the savior of society. And for those institutions that they cannot demonize they will declare them as incapable of performing up to the absolute standards they have set for them. And the right can do nothing but agree. Its an absolutist viewpoint and they will accept nothing but absolute results.

A person with an individualistic mindset will view the extremes as a choice between anarchy and a dictatorship. A dictatorship is out of the question for every right winger thus they will take society down the path of an anarchical society. It is the recognition that we do not live in a perfect existence thus need a governing body that they see as a check against the fulfillment of the dream of the anarchist. To the right winger they are limited to a viewpoint of probability thus the only political absolute is opportunity and that is all that they seek from a society.

In closing, one can surmise that the left seeks to fulfill the physical needs of each and every individual at the expense of no one. And they believe that that goal is within the realm of possibility. What they fail to grasp is that the attempt to do so will inevitably fail and come at the expense of the spiritual needs of a person. It will ultimately fail because the only way to implement such a society is through the use of force whether it be active or passive. And force is the ultimate killer of the spirit of a man. The history of the enslavement of men is the proof of this.

Thus, the right winger only promises the opportunity to fulfill the needs of each and every man and seeks to allow every man the freedom to fulfill his own needs, both physical and spiritual. What they recognize and admit to is that not all will take advantage of their opportunities and in this failure must accept the consequences of that failure.

And that, boy, is the benefit of looking at politics from the view of extremes. And in seeing which direction society is heading, plans can be made to deal with the consequences when it cones to the point of dealing with promises that cannot be kept. And those who would advocate for a communistic form of society cannot keep their promises no more than can the Anarchist And you cannot depend upon someone else to deal with the consequences for you as so many may believe. Here is an example of the extreme position which could be used by both extremes courtesy of Professor Jacobson over at the Legal InSurRecTion;”

I just nodded as the ideas raced through my mind.

What say you, my friends? Has grandpa portrayed the two sides in an accurate manner as you perceive them?

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