A President’s Day Car For the Founding Fathers

This is President’s day weekend and I thought it would be amusing to bring our founding fathers up to this day and ascertain what type of car that they would own. The author of this series tried to match each one to a car based upon his perception of their personality. Below is an example along with his reasoning. Click on the picture to take you to the slide show and see for yourself what each of the founding fathers would be driving if they were alive today. 🙂

Dodge Charger

“Geo. Washington, The man buried under all the elementary-school gossip — the cherry tree, the Delaware crossing, those wooden chompers — was a bright and battle-hardened tactician, who won a war against what was then the world’s greatest military power by becoming a grand and terrible nuisance. As the inaugural president, Washington tried desperately to tamp down all conflicts, refusing to side with warring European powers and avoiding the conditions that might spawn a party system within American politics. To Washington, who initially refused an annual presidential salary, appearances mattered. Then again, he was also wealthy, and probably the toughest guy you’d ever meet in your life. Washington would drive a 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392. It has street-tough looks, is American-made and is powered by a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 engine. Also, it would be matte black.”

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3 thoughts on “A President’s Day Car For the Founding Fathers

  1. BB-Idaho

    Curious concept, presidents and their anachronistic vehicle choice. I’m guessing the science
    guy Jefferson would go for the latest dash gadgets, GPS mapping, remote phone, tire pressure.
    (He wouldn’t care if the thing ran). 332 lb William Taft would have to have a Hummer for space
    and weight capacity. The 2011 Chevy Corvette has the most legroom of any car…I think that is
    long legged Abe Lincoln in there. Old Hickory Andrew Jackson was a military type-he has a
    jeep. (hey! so does Ike and US Grant) Clinton..still has one of those old Nash Rambler station wagons where the back seats fold down to make a bed. G.W. Bush has to go off road..big ol
    4wd pickup kind of guy. We just can’t guess on Nixon..his preference was lost along with the
    18 minute tape. Jimmy Carter was an energy miser: a tiny electric car that runs on flashlight
    batteries. Teddy Roosevelt needed an all wheel drive to go up San Juan hill, likely one of those
    vans that could carry all his hunting and fishing equipment. Gerald Ford seemed accident
    prone; I think his is in the repair shop. Just a guess, Griper!

  2. The Griper

    Ha, Ha, Ha,, very good BB.

  3. The Griper

    if i could add a couple of more to your list,BB, let’s give Lyndon Johnson a T’Bird and a “Ironsides” type of Ford van to Roosevelt. And we must remember that these cars are all courtesy of the government.

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