Motherhood, A Detriment to Women’s Careers, So Says Science

Marie Curie

As you have probably heard science has been studying why there are so few women in the hard science careers that involve the use of mathematics. Well, it seems as if they have come to an answer to this puzzle and it isn’t because women are not math literate. Nor is it the result of gender bias.

One of the studies should interest Rush’s feminazi groups. The reason being is that study came to the conclusion that motherhood was a detriment to their career. I thought that this conclusion was rather humorous. It had always been my understanding that careers got into the way of good parenthood not the other way around Which is it?

Now with that study in mind another study found that women preferred other types of careers. They were still in the field of science but preferred careers in the soft sciences. I guess one can conclude that women put the study and care of people above of the study of the stars and the universe when it comes to careers. So, should there be a study on why this is now?

A third study seems to back this up by coming to the conclusion that it was just a matter of choice not lack of ability in careers.

The bottom line that links each of these studies is that they found nothing that forced women to take careers that they are in. nor did any of the studies show that there was something that prevented women from having these careers. In each case it was a matter of preference and choice.

Wonder why that is such a surprising conclusion since we brag of being citizens of a nation that offers these very freedoms even to the point of saying that they are guaranteed by our constitutions.

You know, the funny thing is, how many times have we heard men being being put down as a result of their focusing on her careers and neglecting their families? This has always been a gripe about them then science turns around and, in essense, says just the opposite of women by declaring that their choices are a detriment to careers. These gripes are even in songs just as these.

btw, a h/t to the mother of my great grand nephew for steering me to these songs. ty, Tori.

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8 thoughts on “Motherhood, A Detriment to Women’s Careers, So Says Science

  1. It seems to me that today’s world tries to erase any lines between genders. Men and women are designed differently, and to do different jobs, so it makes perfect sense to me that they wouldn’t be interested in the same fields of science, or careers….why we need to study these differences that have been present since the beginning of time is more surprising to me than the study results.

  2. The Griper

    hello Michele,
    the results aren’t surprising to me either. having a degree in the sciences, neither are the studies. the whole idea of the need for studies is obvious. society has come to the conclusion that inequality, gender prejudice or gender bias was the cause and they thought that scientific studies would affirm this belief.

    seems to me that the more that Sociology tries to affirm their concept of social or class equality the more they end up doing is affirming the opposite.

  3. Never thought that being a parent was getting in my way of having a career..LOL.. But you just never know.

  4. The Griper

    well. nicole, the next hindrance would be that being a woman was detrimental to your having a career. that would mean that every woman would have the right to have a sex change paid for by government funds. 🙂

  5. My 15 years of hitchhiking for the Lord got in the way of my career as a worldly, jet-set multimillionaire. Sometimes I get grumpy. Sometimes I get grumpy just thinking about it.

    Sometimes a guy gets grumpy.

  6. The Griper

    basically, Tim, what it comes down to is that our preferences and choices in life always gets in the way of something or is a detriment of something else. it just depends upon what is important to each of us as individuals. and that is something that science cannot measure.

  7. BB-Idaho

    There are a few…the Randall
    sisters in theoretical physics and mathematical cybernetics: I’ve worked with some,
    interior ballistics engineers, organic chemists. I suppose I must mention my own lovely daughters:
    PhD analytical chemistry and PhD Microbiology….

  8. The Griper

    true, BB, but the number is a supposedly misrepresentation of the gender. its the “equality” factor again that drove the study.

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