Enough of the Negatives of the World, Let’s See Some Beauty

Here are but a few of the photographs of spectacular scenery of this Earth. Take a gander at the rest of this gallery of photographs at Landscape Gallery . And while there go thru the rest of the galleries of photographs. I can only say that they all are breathtaking and an amazing view of this world.

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6 thoughts on “Enough of the Negatives of the World, Let’s See Some Beauty

  1. wow – so pretty:) Thanks for sharing.

  2. The Griper

    he smiles, “my pleasure, little lady, my pleasure. we need to sit back and just take in the beauty that can be found in this world once in a while.”

  3. Spectacular photographs.

  4. The Griper

    yes, Tim, photographs depicting complete harmony of the elements.

  5. sha

    i think the second picture would look great on your living room wall (EG) but then they r all beautiful

  6. The Griper

    yes, sha, they are and after thinking about it i agree with you in regards to the second pic. in fact i wouldn’t mind having any one of them framed and placed on the wall

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