Do You Know Your Family Health History?

How many times have you been asked about your family health history? Seems like every time a person sees a doctor for the first time a family health history is asked for. Can you be certain that the information you give is correct?

Well here is a government site that might be of help to any family. Any personal experience with this application would be appreciated.

My Family Health Portrait

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4 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Family Health History?

  1. BB-Idaho

    Yep, they always want to record family health history; apparently some tendencies are heritable and the closer the relation, the more heritable. (i see you can do it in Portuguese at that site, a bit odd). My first time filling out one of those forms was the ubiquitous Army Induction Physical:
    the usual ‘Have you ever had Black Plague?’ ‘Check if you are allergic to mosquitos’….
    A couple hundred of us getting poked, prodded, measured and more or less abused. Afterwards,
    I read my results. Everything fine, except the Dr. reported an abnormality…’crooked uvula’ I
    worried all the way back on the Army bus: would I die shortly? would I never have kids? be
    prone to horrible tumors? Nauseated, I ran into my folks house and grabbed the medical
    dictionary. Uvula: is the conic projection from the posterior edge of the middle of the soft palate.
    What a throat dangler leans to the northwest! Further research revealed that the uvula
    is much involved in speech. With a crooked one, I should have been a used car salesman..:)

  2. The Griper

    I just thought that this would be a good way to keep family health information especially if needed by a member that had to make medical decisions for themselves or for another.

    • BB-Idaho

      Yes i would think so as well, Griper. Our medical records contain all that information, but
      with physicians moving and HIPPA regulations, that information might not be readily available
      to family and friends in an emergency. good point!

  3. The Griper

    not only doctors moving but families themselves living separately in different areas. from what i gather of the site, each member would be able to update their own medical history too. thus every member of the family would have up to date information.

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