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Raise Taxes!!! Collect What is owed First

Tax Burdened

Income taxes!!!! As my regulars know grandpa is all for repealing the Income tax amendment and grandpa gave his primary reason here

Now that we are running trillion dollar deficits Obama and the democrats want to raise the tax rate on people in order to address the budget problem instead of doing the sensible thing of cutting expenses like the ordinary folks must do when revenues do not match expenses. Well, grandpa says that before they can justify taking any more money from the people that they should see to it that they have collected all of the money owed in taxes now.

Take for example federal employees. They are paid higher wages than the private sector. Federal employees receive on the average of 50% more than their private sector competition. How much could be saved if they were being paid a competitive wage? Not only are they taking money from the taxpayer they are not paying their fair share of taxes.

Here are some statistics for you to chew on:

  • 114 billion dollars is owed by all Americans in taxes, interest and penalties.
  •  1.03 billion is owed by postal and congressional employees. That is a 32 million dollar increase from 2009 to 2010.
  •  10.6 million dollars is owed by congressional staffers.
  •  833970 dollars is owed by white house employees.
  •  111 million dollars owed by active duty military personnel.
  •  265.1 million dollars owed by civilian military workers.
  •  9.3 million dollars owed by Treasury employees.
  •  62508 dollars owed by employees of the U.S. tax courts.

Remember, these are the people who are being paid by your taxes that you patriotically pay every year. We must also remember the tax cheats who were caught and some are actually serving time in federal prison for not paying their taxes as reported in an earlier post. On top of that a study shows that almost 15% of the people feel that it is alright to cheat on your taxes. Deliberate tax fraud is what we are talking about.

You can say what you want in regards to taxes but there is no doubt in my mind that taxes is the one expense that people will do just about anything in order not to pay them. Taxes and death may be inevitable but one thing is for sure. You cannot cheat death but you can cheat on your taxes and end up not paying your full share because the government will negotiate the amount that you will be indebted for if caught. Tax lawyers brag about how much they save the taxpayer.

One more thing that you might think about. The government has the power and authority to set the rate of the income tax as high as they want. History has already shown us that it will tax the income of some at a rate of over 90%. what is there to stop them from doing it again? In fact, what is there to stop them from taxing everyone’s income at that rate? I’ll tell you, nothing. A tax on consumption or a sales tax would be a preventative against this abuse of governmental powers.

Now, if anyone can present an argument of why we are better off with a tax on production which is what the income tax is instead of a tax on consumption which is what a sales tax is I’d like to hear it.

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