An American Magna Carta!!!!!

The Magna Carta

Seems like there always is something to learn everyday. Here is something I learned today. The United States has a 715 year old copy of the “Magna Carta”.

“WASHINGTON (AP) — A 715-year old copy of Magna Carta will soon return to public view at the National Archives after a conservation effort removed old patches and repaired weak spots in the English declaration of human rights that inspired the United States’ founding documents.

The National Archives unveiled the medieval document Thursday in a specially humidified glass and metal case. It is the only original Magna Carta in the United States and will return to public display Feb. 17.”

Read more about it here

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2 thoughts on “An American Magna Carta!!!!!

  1. BB-Idaho

    Interesting; an exceptionally ancient document. Odd historical tidbits..King John was Richard
    the Lionhearted’s little brother (5’5″ John/6’4″ Richard) and did not look or act like the typical
    Planagenet. He was the evil protagonist in the Robin Hood legends and couldn’t even get along with his nobles. Hence they forced him to sign the Magna Carta at Runnymede July 15, 1215.
    He was greatly disliked in other places as well, for on Aug. 24, 1215 Pope Innocent III declared
    the document invalid. It was the first glimmer in the misty days of the dark ages, that all men
    had certain rights…that would become natural with Locke and unalienable with Jefferson…

  2. The Griper

    yes, BB an exceptionally interesting ancient document and the story behind documents like this, as you so often reveal, is just as interesting. and while there is much evidence to the contrary, it is the little things and events like this that reveal the progress of mankind in regards to his own value and to a large extent his relationship with the Creator.

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