is obama of the same mold as carter?

a h/t to AOW ty, me lady

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4 thoughts on “is obama of the same mold as carter?

  1. BB-Idaho

    24 US presidents were lawyers….only Carter and Hoover were engineers: apparently not a good occupation for politics….

  2. The Griper

    mmmm, that is new iformation for me, BB. never knew Carter was an engineer. i always just pictured him as a peanut farmer.

    given the state of the union as it is doesn’t speak well of lawyers becoming presidents, does it?

  3. BB-Idaho

    Actually the constitutional requirements for the job (Art II, Sec II) are surprizingly
    minimal. Quite a few generals…and one haberdasher. Never know how they will turn out, but it somewhat depends on the economic and world situation they get involved in.
    About half were lawyers and we cannot help but note that half the faces on Mt.
    Rushmore were likewise….

  4. The Griper

    to me, a man’s previous career choice says a lot about the style of how he will do his job as president. but, i agree, his success is largely dependent upon outside factors like the economy but this would be true of anyone, even you and me.

    for the purpose of legacy tho his personality might be enough to overcome this outside influence. Reagan and Roosevelt are two that i think would fit this catagory and come to immediate mind. might even add Kennedy to this catagory.

    and while the Constitution has minimal explicit requirements there are many implicit requirements as determined by the people who vote.

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