the government can

h/t to dcat for this

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5 thoughts on “the government can

  1. I’ve always heard that we should be thankful that we don’t get all the government that we pay for. Guess that means we should demand greater efficiency in government then!

  2. Thief! LOL Funny yet sad isn’t it Griper!

    The government has all the degenerates working for us. Welfare flunkies and family members, you just go and try to get a job there. They find out you are a Conservative you will be overlooked! They need to do some firing like the small companies struggling to make it are doing! The gimmy, gimmy, gimmy need to be deported because they are the ones screwing with the American way of life!

  3. The Griper

    or better yet, Gorges, treat government like we do businesses and demand they take their poorly concocted product back and demand a refund of the moneys paid in.

  4. The Griper

    and what freedom loving person would apply to the government for a job in the first place?

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