if i was the dictator of the united states of america i would…(Part X)

I repealed the income tax amendment for numerous reasons. The primary one being that it is the cause of much of the continued divisiveness in this nation. The founding fathers declared us a nation of people and their intent was to declare that we would not a nation divided by class. One could use that as the reasoning behind the equality clause in the Declaration of Independence.

We, as a nation, was founded on one principle and that principle be that we are of one class, the class of people. We are not a nation with a class of royalty and a class of subjects as Europe once was. We are of one class, the class of people. We are not not a nation of the rich class and a class of the poor as some would see this nation. We are a class of people. We are not a nation divided up into classes of race though some would have you see this nation as divided in this manner. We are of one class, the class of people. We are not a nation divided between the “haves” and have nots” as some will argue.

As a nation of people we are a strong nation and a people united cannot be exploited by the few who possess power. As a nation divided we are a weak nation to be exploited by the few who are powerful, for it allows the powerful to play one class of people against another class of people. And this nobody can deny for it is heard in practically any and every political argument.

If we are to be seen as a class of people then what a man possesses is nobodies business and that includes the government. For if a man does not know what another man possesses there can be no envy, greed or pity. For if a man does not know what another man possesses then the only thing to judge him by is character and this includes each and every person in government, elected or appointed. So, a tax should be imposed that is not dependent on any man knowing what the taxpayer possesses.

If the government does not know what any man possesses then taxes will be imposed based on the needs of government not based on the affordability of the taxpayer. If the government does not know what any man possesses politicians cannot pit the rich against the poor and visa versa in order to get elected as they now do. Know not what a man possesses and he will be treated the same as the pauper . Know not what a man lacks and he will be treated the same as the prince.

If we seek a government that imposes a tax based on its needs rather than the affordability of the taxpayer then it must be the taxpayer that determines the affordability of the tax. And this is where the income tax is an unfair tax. It is the taxpayer that determines the amount of income that is reported to the government in terms of taxable income. This is where the rich has an advantage over the poor.

As I said previously all taxes are a derivative of profits. The income tax is a tax on the production side of those profits. In theory the only way to manipulate the amount of taxes to be paid is to manipulate production. And production can only be manipulated by two means, time and investment. The rich can manipulate production by investment. This benefits the rich. The poor can only manipulate production by time. And the poor must suffer the consequence of this manipulation.

There are many who cry that businesses and corporations do not pay a fair share of taxes. The problem here is that no matter how high of a rate you impose on a business or corporation they still will not pay a fair share of taxes in reality. The reason is because taxes are an expense to a business and corporation thus adding to the cost of the product that they sell. This expense then is passed along to the consumer of that product. Since the consumer is also a taxpayer he is hit by an additional tax on top of the taxes he must pay on his own income.

This is called a hidden tax thus acts as taxing the taxpayer more than once without his knowledge. And when you consider the many different types of business and corporate taxes that there are you must come to the conclusion that the primary cost of any product is taxes not material and labor. And this tax is imposed on all products even food and shelter which, in my opinion, should never have a tax imposed. And this tax is multiplied by the number of steps in the manufacture of that product from the raw material to the end product that is sold in the retail level.

So, if the left wants to cry about the evils of the rich and corporate profits they first must consider how the government forces this evil upon the rich and corporations. And this does not consider the additional cost that government regulations imposes upon a corporation or business. And it is the poor who must suffer the burden of these additional costs. And as these costs grow the poor get poorer and the rich become richer thus increasing the gap between them.

So, I ask my friend, given these facts, are you still an advocate of the income tax? Do you still want to divide this nation by pitting the rich against the poor? Do you still believe that the government is the good guy and corporations are the bad guys?

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