as the dictator of the united states of america i would… (Part V)

The man looked sheepishly down at his feet for a few seconds then looked grandpa straight in the eyes and responded;

“ I’m listening. While what you are saying may sound preposterous to me I’ve learned to listen a man out before telling him how preposterous his ideas are.”

Grandpa just nodded and said, “ And there have been plenty of times in my life that my ideas have been shown to be pretty preposterous too. So, I appreciate the respect that you are showing to these ideas even if they turn out to be preposterous.”

Standing there listening to the two men my hand unconsciously went to my rear end and began rubbing the imagined soreness of it as I remembered the time I got a good whooping for interrupting grandma a while back. Now I realized just how deserving that whooping was. Then grandpa continued his explanation as he said,

“ Once that has been accomplished I will call for a live coverage of a press conference and here, in essence, will be what I say.

‘ People of the United State of America and to the people of the world I have just did something that will force each of you to make the most important and hardest decisions in your lives. And do not get me wrong, it will need to be a decision that will have repercussions for generations to come. For what I have done was not to create a better government as many would like to think I did but I created a situation that can only bring chaos to this great nation of people and chaos to the nations of the world. This I have no doubt.

People of this great nation, I am forcing you to react to what I have done. Now, you can react with clear mindedness or react as hot heads. That will be your choice. Choose but choose wisely for a nation is at stake and a world is out there watching how you respond. By either decision there will be consequences to bear and as the leader of this great nation I will be forced to respond to your reactions and feel myself justified in how I respond even if you do not.

People of the world hear me good and take my words without question. While I have created chaos here do not get the idea we are a weakened nation. Those nations that consider the United States as their friend and protector, you will no longer be able to depend upon the United States to defend you for the time being. In essence I am forcing you to be on your own until we solve our problems here at home. There will be only three exceptions to this decree, South Korea, Taiwan and Israel.

This will be a time that we, as a nation, must focus our entire efforts on our own problems without thought of the problems of the world. Our troops are coming home because we may be needing them here if the possibility of my fears bear out.

Those nations and peoples that look upon the United States as their enemy, beware and heed my words carefully. Do not come to the conclusion that we are weakened to the point that you can attack us with immunity at this time. This nation will strike back and strike back hard. And I have no intention of abiding by the rules of war if there is a need to retaliate and defend our sovereignty during this period.

So, think twice, think three times before you make any decisions of attacking us on any level. Retaliation will be swift and it will be final. You can assume rightfully that every means of force that this nation possesses will be used. I hope I have made myself clear on that.”

With those words said, grandpa paused to allow his words to sink into the minds of those still listening.

I looked up at grandpa feeling totally incredulous at the words I was hearing from the man that had taught me everything I knew about life. Grandpa just looked down at me, smiled and gave me a wink as he asked.

“Still with me boy or are you ready to jump ship?”

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2 thoughts on “as the dictator of the united states of america i would… (Part V)

  1. Okay. After breaking through your code I will admit I like this one Griper.

  2. The Griper

    smiles, thank you, Joe. there is much more to come too. people should realize all of the consequences that could occur in a nation when a dictator rises up even if it is only to do what he thinks is best for a people.

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