as the dictator of the united States of america, i would…(Part II)

Grandpa listened for a bit to those who had something to say about the first changes that he would make in regards to government then continued;

“The federal constitution sets up a federal government of direct representation not indirect representation so the second act that I would mandate is the repeal of the 17th amendment to the federal constitution. As it stands now we are a government where the legislative body is comprised of two houses both of which are representative of the interests of people and neither are representative of interests of the States. To understand this we need to look at the constitutional powers given to the Senate as well as its purpose of existence.

Its purpose was to act in conjunction with the house of representatives on any laws enacted by congress and acted as a check of power of the larger States over the smaller States. Its primary purpose though was to advise and give consent to any foreign agreements that the President entered into with other States during times of peaceful coexistence with those nations. It is this power that is exclusive to the Senate.

It is from this exclusive power that we can see why the constitution gave the selection of Senators to the governments of the States and not to the people. For it would be the governments of each individual State that would be making foreign policy decisions if the States had not united as one nation thus the Senate is acting as representing the governments of the States collectively. This creates a sense of unity and strength in regards to foreign policy which could not exist if the States had remained as independent States after the war of Independence.

It also served another purpose. It served as a check of power of the federal government by the States thus revealing that it was the State governments that was intended on being the dominant powers and the federal government was intended to be the subordinate power of this nation. It essentially declares that the federal government cannot act in regards to foreign affairs without the permission of State governments.

It is also from this that we can see that the federal government was instituted for the singular purpose of acting on behalf of the States in regards to foreign affairs for it was in regards to foreign affairs that revealed the individual States as being weak and their unity declared strength. For it must be declared as a recognized fact that no singular State could prevent the invasion and loss of their independence by the more powerful States of the world. If it wasn’t for this weakness then there would have been no reason to unite as a nation of States. The States had no reason to unite for the purpose of domestic affairs.

And this is an important difference in how this nation was founded as opposed to the foundation of every other State in the world. We, as a nation, grew as a result of people uniting on a willing and consensual basis while every other nation grew as a result of conquering other people. And that growth continued in a like manner up until the war between the States. And it is also the reason that those more powerful foreign States were defined as empires while the United States, though powerful, was never considered as an empirical State.”

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2 thoughts on “as the dictator of the united States of america, i would…(Part II)

  1. Joe

    Not sure how handing back picking of senators would make any difference Griper. In most cases the candidate backed by the most powerful group is going to win anyway.

  2. The Griper

    if what you just said is true then the use of the democratic process of selecting representatives has no meaning either for the same reason. and without that there is no government of the “people”. and any type of government meant to serve the people as you support cannot exist because your reason would be true under any type of government. so, what is it that you fight for?

    but it would create consistency of understanding of the Constitution as creating a government of direct representation with the House directly representing the people and the Senate directly representing the governments of the States as intended.

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