as the dictator of the united states of america, i would…

At a church social a man came up to grandpa and said this,
“ I read your challenge to Joe over at “Truth 101” and I was just wondering what changes you would make in our government if you had the power and authority to make any changes you felt necessary?

Grandpa was taken by surprise with this question and did not respond to the question at first. After thinking on the question for a bit he responded in this manner.

“First of all, my good friend, in order to have the power and authority to make any changes I would need the power and authority of a dictator. That would be the only way that any person could make the changes in government that he would like to see. You could ask the same question of anybody and you could be sure to have as many different responses as persons you asked.

That is true for Joe also if he was to take up my challenge. Though I will admit that doing so would also clarify one’s political position on the issue of government in a way that would really give the people a choice. For it would require that anyone who took up this challenge put a positive spin in their argument instead of all the negativity that is being spewed by both sides of the issue now.

But most important is the fact anyone who took up this challenge would have to have a very clear understanding of both, the positive aspects as well as the negative aspects of their personal ideology. For they would have to be able justify their changes to the way government is working now. And that will not be an easy task. And they will have to justify it from any and every angle.

Just as important would be the fact that if anyone was to accept this challenge they’d have to be very specific about the changes they’d make. Just making generalized statements of change would have no meaning to anyone. It would only create division instead of uniting a people.

With these rules in place I would first have to recognize that we abide under a constitutional government and recognize that the federal constitution is a legal contract and the parties of that contract were the States not the people as the word people is commonly understood to mean. And as read, this document set up a federal government with specific powers and authority separate from the powers and authority of the States. The tenth amendment makes this very clear.

Since I have the powers and authority of a dictator the federal constitution is where I’d begin to make my changes of government. And my very first act would be the repeal of the 13th, 14th, and the 15th amendment. And there is a specific reason for this.

The left would be yelling right now after hearing this that I have just revealed my racist attitude. And they would be yelling that I was trying to take this nation back to a time when slavery was legal. That is the farthest thing on my mind.

What I would be doing is creating a situation that will determine whether or not we, as a people, have learned from the past or we will determine if the past is doomed to be repeated. What I would be doing is giving the States another opportunity to be sovereign States or to remain as governments subordinate to the federal government. What I would be doing is giving the people the opportunity to choose what kind of government they wish to live under once again.

What I would be doing is forcing the people to take another look at how the federal constitution should be interpreted. This would require that the people place the federal constitution in historical context not in ideological context. The repeal of these three amendments would have an enormous impact on how the world views the people of our nation and how we view ourselves as a nation of people.”

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6 thoughts on “as the dictator of the united states of america, i would…

  1. Just to clear up your repeal thing Griper. Do you belive these Amendments are unnecessary because the Bill of Rights is broad enough?

    Not sure what you’re getting at. Most contracts, if you want to view The Constitution as a contract, have certain vaguaries to them. Language is then added to clear up where you need to be clear.

    I think eliminating slavery and rights to vote are good things and should be in The Constitution.

  2. The Griper

    the answer to your question, joe, is found in the last two paragraphs unless you believe that by repealing those three amendments would result in slavery returning or the right to vote would be revoked.

  3. griper my friend. Both political parties are owned by corporate interests. They came damn close to destroying our economy in 2008. You’re far too trusting in human nature to think that without law and penalties that the evil and greedy wouldn’t exploit the most desperate.

  4. The Griper

    i am probably even less trusting in individuals than you are when it comes to placing them in position of power. and you appear to be contradicting yourself because if what you say is true about corporate interests owning both parties then how do you expect any laws to be passed that would prevent this exploitation since both parties would only pass those laws that favored their owners?

  5. The Griper

    he laughs,,,ah yes, you are right i forgot that little trivia aspect. are you acknowleging then that it would require a dictatorship in order to right all of the wrongs of the current form of government and that a representative form of government willl only lead to a corrupt system or do you visualize another form of government that is capable of righting those wrongs?

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