Hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, here I come

To all of my friends in cyberspace,

I have an announcement to make. Grandpa will be going into the hospital in the early morning of the 29th of November to be cut open. He has an abdominal aortic aneurysm and the good doctor is going to insert some kind of stent to repair this problem. The good news is that you’ll be free of all of grandpa’s rantings and mad ravings for a while. The bad news is that he intends on coming back with even more gripes about life. He has already began to write the first of a new series of posts based on a challenge that he issued to one of his good friends and liberal adversary of politics, Truth101. So, beware of what you read here from now on and don’t say you weren’t warned. lol

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One thought on “Hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, here I come

  1. BB-Idaho

    Ouch!! ..sounds like you will be in the hands of the medical ‘collective’. They are
    very professional and and very qualified, however. Hope you recover soon!

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