More thoughts of a fool

Foolish Thoughts?

If we are to understand others we first need to understand what motivates them but we dare not attribute that same motivator to all.

Inspiration is the key to success and to find inspiration we dare not look to others but search our soul. For it is the needs of our soul that we have to satisfy.

When we do not plan for success we have already planned for failure.

Why do we place such a high value on the possession of money when happiness is the pursuit of life?

All politics is but the politics of economics.

The financial solution of one person will be the financial ruin for another.

Each individual must search out his own purpose in life then fulfill it for his own peace of mind not for the benefit of others.

Equality is the recognition that a man is only as strong as the weakest of his fellow man. Inequality is the realization that a man recognizes his subordination to power.

Marriage is the institution by which a man seeks to complement his weakness with the strengths of another thus becomes stronger in the unity.

Divorce is the realization of the compatibility of weaknesses in both parties, neither possessing the strength to change.

It is strength that motivates while power seeks to use force.

It is not how much a person possesses that determines the morality of its possession. It is how one has attained it that determines its morality.

It is the use of force that declares that free will does not exist.

To judge the means determines the morality of the end thus the desirability of the means.

To judge the end determines the morality of the means by the desirability of the end.

Be kind to your enemies for it is they who reveal just how important friends are.

Equality can only be achieved through the universal acceptance of the concept of “free will”.

As long as there is but one person with a deterministic attitude towards life, inequality will still exist.

Equality cannot come about with the use of the power of force. It can only result from the strength of the individual.

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