Another example of the many abuses of determinism and collectivism

As I read the story of how a small collective of women, three of whom were professionals who worked for the government, determined the life of a 26 lb. 14 year old girl I couldn’t help but remember the words of grandpa’s friends in the first part of this series. That is one of the problems with collectivism. It considers the needs of the collective at the expense of the individual. They are so focused on their own goals that they have no thoughts about the fact that in order to achieve these goals they must, by force, deprive the individual of his own goals in life.

A mother and three nurses were charged Thursday in the death of the woman’s 14-year-old daughter, who had cerebral palsy and weighed 28 pounds, a prosecutor said.

A Montgomery County grand jury in Dayton indicted the mother and a nurse on involuntary manslaughter charges. Two other nurses were indicted on charges of failing to report child abuse or neglect. All are being held in the county jail.

“This is a tragic and sad case wherein four adults were responsible for the care of this 14-year-old special-needs girl, and they all utterly ignored and failed to do so.” Montgomery County Prosecutor Mathias Heck Jr. said in a statement.

“The conduct of these four defendants transcends all bounds of human decency,” he said.

Heck said that the girl undoubtedly would still be alive “if just one of these defendants had acted responsibly.”
More on this abuse of life

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