my new view and understanding of liberal left

Grandpa was sitting at the computer one night and was enjoying the online debate he was having with two very close liberal friends, Tao and Truth101, when all of a sudden he sat back in his chair as if he had been pushed forcefully there. Both, grandma and I, was startled by this and we both stared at grandpa awaiting for an explanation of what happened. Grandpa slowly turned his chair around and the look on his face was one that I had never seen before, a look of being flabbergasted by a brand new thought.

He just sat there in silence as if in a trance completely unaware that we were staring at him. We could see that he was running this thought through its many paces in order to understand its implications. Once he had done this he looked up, smiled at me and said,

“ Boy, never think that you are too old to learn something new. For anytime you do there will be somebody who will come along and hit you along side of your head with some ideas and prove to you just how ignorant you be.”

Grandma giggled and then spoke up by saying, “ You old coot, I’ve been telling you that for years now but you were to stubborn to listen. So, care to tell us of this new revelation that has hit you like a ton of bricks?”

Grandpa just smiled and with a sparkle in his eyes gave grandma a wink in acknowledgment. Then sitting comfortably back in his chair this is what he had to say.

“We are a nation that basically has divided itself up into two political camps with two different viewpoint of the future of this nation. The left is led by the political party of the Democrats who can count on the many political parties of the Socialism and Communism as being among their political allies.

This, we already knew and understood. Even those on the left cannot deny this relationship. What did hit me and never really considered are the full implications are. The implications are deeper than I ever imagined.

The foundational basis of their faith is based on the concept of determinism and the cornerstone of their beliefs are based on the concept of the “ends justify the means”. Upon this, their whole philosophy of life is built. The achievement of class equality be the test on which they judge a society as being a just society.

The claim behind their faith is that their beliefs are scientifically based principles therefore proven. Since their principles are proven then they believe that they are indisputable. Anyone who would disagree would be not only disputing their principles but also disputing science itself. This is the unintended consequences of describing Sociology and Psychology as sciences.  Thus, to them, political debate boils down to the age old argument between the use of Science and Philosophy or more specifically in their words, Theology as the determinate of good governing.

One problem with this approach is the fact that they see the undesirable effects on the people and to them the means that were used to bring about these effects cannot be considered as a justified means. Since individual liberty can be declared as the cause of these undesirable effects then the solution is the regulation of this liberty. And once you regulate liberty you also restrict the individual’s ability and natural right to exercise his free will.

For it is liberty that allows man to hold the reins over his own life. And it is the collective mindset that tends to see the behavior of individuals as determined behavior. For it is the collective mindset that recognizes its own power over the individual’s behavior. It is only those individuals who possess the moral strength needed that have the ability to resist this power.

In order to possess this moral strength an individual must possess a very biased, prejudicial and truthful outlook on life. For it is bias and prejudice that allows the individual to promote his viewpoint and its intended benefits of life. It is truthfulness that requires the individual to understand the unintended consequences of his viewpoint.

It is only by the truthfulness of his outlook on life that will lead a man down the path of humility. It is the lack of truthfulness that will lead a man down the path of arrogance and self-righteousness. Tis better that a man follow a known flawed philosophy of life then to follow a philosophy believed to be without flaws.

It is the wise man who will listen in silence to the criticism of his philosophy. For he is a man seeking only to learn the truthfulness of his ways. It is the fool who will yell from the roof tops of the benefits of his philosophy. For he be lacking in truthfulness of what his philosophy has to offer him.

It is the possession of the truthfulness of our beliefs that bolsters our self-esteem and self-respect as individuals not political correctness. Without it self-esteem and respect for others cannot exist. Ignorance may be blissful but it is only blissful in the recognition that from the knowledge of its existence within us we ache to eliminate it.”

with these words said grandpa went silent as if to allow what he had just said sink into our minds. Then he asked as if speaking to no one in particular and everyone who heard his words,

“Does what I have just said make any sense to anyone?”

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4 thoughts on “my new view and understanding of liberal left

  1. I can’t say I agree with much of it, but it’s nicely contrived.

  2. The Griper

    welcome to my little home in cyberspace, jules. thank you for the compliment and i welcome disagreement. but would appreciate knowing where the disagreement exist and why i be wrong. i can’t learn anything without it.

  3. I don’t think much of the left so there you are!

  4. hi griper.. i havent forgotten about you. i have been busy.. i will read the post later but wanted to comment and let you know i am still around tweety aka Nicole.

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