words of wisdom or words of a fool. it is your choice

Wisdom be not found in the words of
others but in the questioning of one’s own opinions.


 There are wise men and there are fools.
The wise man knows how foolish he be.  The fool will never know.


 You have the right to have your life
determined and you have the right to determine your own life.  It is
your own choice.  Choose wisely but choose for yourself alone.


 Marriage be the one constant of life.
Tis in marriage that man has chosen to seek eternal life.  Tis in the
perversion of marriage that a man seeks only the moment.


 In an imperfect world success is never
guaranteed, only failure is.  For it is only from learning from our
failures that success has the opportunity  to be known.


 If a man is humbled by the fact that he
knows not what is best for himself then where does he get enough
arrogance to believe he he knows what is best for others?


 Tis the fool who believes that laws are
enacted to protect the innocent from the guilty.  Tis the wise man
that recognizes that laws are enacted to gain power over the guilty
and the innocent.


 Tis in seeking to control the lives of
others that power is known.  Tis in the seeking to control only
himself that a man knows strength.


 To seek to know and understand others
is science. To seek and know yourself is philosophy.


 Tis the wise man who studies life.  Tis
the fool that thinks he knows life so as to teach it to others.


 Be ever wary of being the cause for you
can never know what the effect may be.


 Absolute truth can never be declared in
explicit statements.  It needs a complimentary implicit statement


 Governments cannot act without the use
of force which is why it needs a moral code to abide by.  For only by
abiding by a moral code can justice be found.


 If a man seeks freedom from
responsibility he need only to enslave himself unto another.


 It is not the possession of rights that
make men equal.  It is in the acceptance of personal responsibility that
results in equality or inequality.


Knowledge is a two-edged sword.
It will lead us down the path of foolishness
or it will lead us down the path of wisdom.

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2 thoughts on “words of wisdom or words of a fool. it is your choice

  1. BB-Idaho

    If knowledge is a two-edged sword…how come ignorance is bliss? 🙂

  2. The Griper

    grins. it is questions such as that one that makes my words the words of a fool, BB. 🙂

    but to give you an answer, i can only give you an educated guess. it is just a reflection of how the person who coined that saw viewed life in the Garden of Eden prior to the fall of Adam and Eve.

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