when a black man uses gun, he is protecting his manhood

Leonard Pitts, author

Javaris Crittenton, former Washington Wizard, was arrested for the shooting death of Julian Jones, a mother of four.

“The FBI’s reports that 9,775 arrests were made in 2009 for murder and nonnegligent homicide.

There is a reason people under 30 like Crittenton, accounted for about two-thirds of them: Young people tend to have poor impulse control.

There is a reason males, like Crittenton, accounted for about 90 percent of them; males tend to be more aggressive.

And there are multiple reasons young black men, like Crittenton, account for about half the arrests; one being that black men tend to be more hyper-vigilant about, and to guard more jealously against, perceived threats to their manhood.”

“At the very least, teach them that a gun is not a penis. It’s a tragedy that  Crittenton didn’t know that.

It’s a bigger tragedy that he’s not the only one. ”

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I don’t know about anyone else but the last time I heard when a man uses a gun it was considered as shooting someone not protecting his manhood.

Another thing; the only basis for a person to come to this conclusion is from a basis of amorality.

And the last time I heard amorality was an attribute of determinism.

Have we come so far in this society where amorality has replaced morality as a determinant of values?

Might add one more note here.  The tragedy is not in what these men knew or did not know.  The tragedy lies in the fact that four kids will grow up without the benefit of a mother.  Men like these can learn from their experience.  What lessons will these kids learn from a mother taken away from them?

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