Disappointed am I. Disappointed is what i am.

I guess I am kind of disappointed now. I was hoping on seeing more comments on my series of posts in regards to free will and determinism. It is the only way that I know of to see if my ideas is able to hold water or not. Now I’ll admit that my own biased and prejudicial way of thinking probably will hinder my ability to change my thoughts on the issue. But, to me, thoughts without challenge have no real value in life.

We abide in an imperfect state of existence. It may be the only state of existence we have but to treat our own ideas as the perfect answer to the mysteries of this life is in itself self-contradictory. And I am one who seeks to reconcile those contradictions within myself, maybe one of my true passions of life.

I also know that I dare not depend on the knowledge of others to make my decisions in life. For their thoughts are just as biased and prejudicial as mine are and their thoughts and ideas are best suited for their lives and that includes the so-called experts. This is why what is said by others should only be taken as advice to be considered before one makes up his own mind. In other words we should not allow ourselves to be convinced to do something merely because someone else says that is what we should do, expert or not. And far too many persons are falling into that mindset thus allowing others to make decisions for them.

The biggest problem with experts is the fact that they present their ideas in such a fashion that it makes you feel that you’d be ignorant if you did not follow their advice. And the problem with this is the fact that it is you and me that must suffer the consequences if they advise us wrong. He will not accept any of the responsibility of his poor advice but he will surely accept the praise and benefits of giving good advice. Isn’t it far better to suffer the consequences of our own decisions than to suffer the consequences of the decisions of others? It may feel nice to blame others for our problems but it is not just.

Dependency on others to know what is best for us is both, addictive and perceived as evidence of determinism. All it takes is for someone to convince us that we can’t do something that someone else can. And I reject that notion as everyone should. The fact that someone else can do it is evidence that anyone can do it. Seek advice so as to learn. If one does this one can be better informed the next time a decision on the matter in hand must be made. That, to me, is what an informed decisions is all about.

People talk about the need of self-esteem. Well, there is no higher self-esteem found than doing things for ourselves. People speak of self-respect. Well, there is no greater respect earned than taking responsibility for our own decisions in life. People seek to know honor. Well. There is no greater honor than to rise above the need of dependency.

And we can only achieve our goals in life by free will not through determinism. For life itself provides the opportunities in life. And it refuses no man of those opportunities. Tis our own ignorance and dependency on others that will deny us of those opportunities.

For it is only through free will can we take advantage of the opportunities of life. It is only by the acceptance of one’s free will can failure be seen as a way to success. It is only by the acceptance of free will can we know the wealth of life even in the state of poverty. It is only by the acceptance of free will that pity and envy will no longer rule our lives.

I have no more to say. What say you?

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5 thoughts on “Disappointed am I. Disappointed is what i am.

  1. BB-Idaho

    Regarding ‘experts’ and their advice, we may by free will ignore such. Conversely, and as a corollary, we need consider the accumulation of knowledge to our benefit, or as
    Sir Isaac Newton admitted, “If I have seen further, it is because I have stood on the
    shoulders of giants”. Whenever I consider free will, I am confused by the current
    arguments of ‘nature v nurture’, genetics v parentage etc. Nothing is simple…..and
    we wonder of the ‘determinism’ of birth, health and accident along with internal drive,
    ambition and confidence…and where do luck and fate fit in? (at least I do)

  2. The Griper

    yes, i agree with all you say, BB.
    the accumulation of knowledge recognizes the need of learning and it is from learning that results in a more informed decision. the fact that we can ignore it all and still make a decision based on ignorance or partial knowledge could be considered as evidence of free will rather than determinism, wouldn’t it?.

    the trial of Gallileo is a situation of decisions made from knowledge and ignorance. or we might say decisions made that was based on past false knowledge thus indicating dependency on what previous persons said who were, at the time, considered as the experts. and these experts relied on “common sense” to come to their conclusions if we are to use secular terms.

    as for the arguments of nature vs nuture, genetics vs parentage these are arguments in terms of attributes describing “state of being” rather than behavior attributes, aren’t they?

    as for luck or fate, we must remember that free will or determinism are the tools of “cause” not “effect”. luck or fate can only be ascertained when we focus on the effects rather than the cause. in other words, luck or fate is determined by hindsight. eliminate the cause and there is no such thing as luck or fate, is there?

    the philosophy of determinism focuses on the effects in an attempt to ascertain or discover the cause for its validity. cause is the focus of free will and it cannot be ascertained from the effects. one looks at behavior in hindsight. this is how science studies the behavior of objects. while the other looks at it from foresight. do i make sense, my friend?

  3. BB-Idaho

    Odd, thing Griper, this WordPress thing works a bit differently: when I save to favorites,
    it saves only the current ‘episode’. The Blogger thing would continually update to
    currency. While there could be a secret, I am comfortable chalking it up to my
    web stupidity. However, in considering free will, I recalled my days in Army basic training. The old renowned ‘hurry up and wait’ phenomenon. During the ‘wait’ phase, wherein troops slept, smoked cigarette or shot the breeze, I had Schopenhaur’s
    ‘World As Will’ in my cartridge belt. Like Kant, Kierkegaard, Hume et. al. it went
    over my head. But Schopehaur emphasized (I think) Will as a drive, an urge,
    an effort or desire. In particular the will to live, he felt was not only a human
    characteristic, but one possesed by living creatures. So strong is this will to
    live that the only ‘free’ aspect might be associated with suicide…or the altruism
    of sacrificing as an individual for family or greater good.
    One supposes that on a mundane and frivolous level we see free will operating
    in terms of ‘well, despite the data, I don’t belive that’ or ‘I don’t care what the doctor
    said, I’m not giving up donuts’ etc. However, the relation between causality, will,
    determinism, and realtive ‘freeness’ requires further study
    (Which BTW, being a lazy old guy, I am not going to do..exercising my free
    will. 🙂

  4. The Griper

    well, if we take your reference we see how Hobbs sees determinism as declared in the first paragraph as i quote;

    “A BODY is said to work upon or act, that is to say do something to another body, when it either generates or destroys some accident in it. And the body in which an accident is generated or destroyed is said to suffer, that is, to have something done to it by another body. As when one body by putting forwards another body generates motion in it, it is called the AGENT, and the body in which motion is so generated, is called the PATIENT. So fire that warms the hand is the agent, and the hand, which is warmed, is the patient. That accident, which is generated in the patient, is called the EFFECT.”

    1. from this we see that there are two objects, one which influences the other and neither object connected to the other, the fire and the hand. so, if we generalize this we have a case where one object outside of another object, one acting upon the other in some manner or another.
    2. we can also declare that the object of cause has a greater “force” than the object subject to the effects for without greater force any influence would be neutralized.
    3. we can also see that the effect is a measurable effect. we can measure heat.

    1. we can assume then that “free will” must consist of one object influencing itself in some manner or another. in other words it is the cause of its own effect. that, to me, is the gist of this example of Hobbs.
    2. one problem though with this example. the hand has to be placed in such a position so as to allow the fire to have its effect and a person had to either intentionally or unintentionally make that decision (choice). thus we have a cause (free will) prior to the perceived cause and it could be said that this is the actual cause of the resulting effect.
    3. it is the person who controls the effect upon his hand not the fire.
    4. since the person can control the effect then that cause (free will) has the greatest force.
    5. since free will places the person in control then it can be said that the person is acting in a consensual and willing manner in all that he does.
    6. one cautionary note; free will does not guarantee that the outcome will be the desired effects as some would have you believe. the future is still unknown and can not be declared as a determinable event.

    it is from this that i said in a previous post that it was being forced to do something that was the greatest evil. for it denies a man of his own ability to control his own behavior and/or fate and destiny.

  5. The Griper

    as to regards to save the site, make sure you are on the main page of the site before saving it. i think you’ll have better “luck” that way. 🙂

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