Who am I? What am I? (Part II)

If I reject the concept of determinism then I must also reject the concept of collectivism regardless of what form it is conceived. For one cannot exist without the other in any society. Yet from this I recognize a perceived conflict of principles for I must recognize an affiliation with three collectives, the collective of the people as well as the collective of a family. I am also affiliated with a religious collective as everyone is.

While I may acknowledge outside influence of any decision I may make, at no time will I acknowledge them as the cause of that decision. They can influence my decisions in two manners, 1. by revealing additional options that I was not aware of or 2. by revealing additional reason for that decision made. This is defined in the terms of being advice. But it is still my decision because it is I who will choose to accept or reject the advice given by another. Thus free will is maintained even in the light of being influenced. And I will still have the right to claim the benefits of that decision as acted on or I still must accept responsibility for any consequences that may result from that decision made.

I will even acknowledge the existence of outside influence that may hinder me in reaching my goals in life but at no time will I allow them to be seen as the cause of my failure to reach that goal. They are only challenges which must be met and overcome and with a free will even failure is nothing but a challenge to be met and conquered. Is this not the meaning of learning from our mistakes?

It is from the idea that I am an individual who possesses a free will that I can declare my independence from a collective and will fight for my liberty as an individual. For as long as I possess liberty I have the right to pursue happiness on my own terms not on the terms of others. And it is this that gives my life value. It is this that gives my life meaning. This is the essence of the meaning of freedom.

It is from this I know that the collective has no right to determine the decisions of life for any individual. For once the collective has that right, the life of an individual only has the value that the collective has determined that value to be. For once the collective has that right, the life of an individual has no meaning except as the collective has determined it to be. For once the collective has that right, the happiness of the individual will only be as the collective determines it to be. This is the essence of the meaning of force.

What is the means that a collective uses to apply force? In legal terms it is called a government. That is the only purpose and intent of its existence. Its every act is an act of force in some manner or another. The intent and purpose of its every act is to force the will of the individual to conform to the will of the collective. And once a government has accomplished its intent and purpose the individual no longer has a will of his own. It is in the recognition of this ability that we can understand the meaning of power and why it corrupts the thoughts and emotions of an individual.

It is the application of force that is the foundation of all that is evil not power or money. It is the individual who finds righteousness in the use of force to bring about conformity of thought whose ideas and emotions are corrupted. It is in the forced conformity of thought that is the foundational basis of human determinism.

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